How Long To Beat Yakuza 0 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 – 60 Hours

Yakuza 0, a PlayStation hit, is an intriguing and complex video game that is in craze among the youth these days. Directed by Kazuki Hosokawa, it is a game that follows the story of two protagonists named Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. The game has its fair share of both adventure and action that keeps the players of the game engaged till the very end.

Set in late 1988, Yakuza 0 depicts events that happened before the events of the first game. The game received positive reviews from almost all its critics after its release worldwide. This game could be played on various platforms like on different versions of PlayStation and Xbox.

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How Long To Beat Yakuza 0?

Yakuza 0 is a game that is played from a third-person perspective. Just like major action-adventure games, Yakuza 0 is set in an open-world environment. The timeline of the gameplay is from December 1988 to January 1989. The players of the game are free to walk anywhere in the virtual gaming world.

The player is supposed to control the protagonist of the game series named Kazuma Kiryu. The player also frequently encounters the recurring major character Goro Majima. The gameplay of the series is such that the player is required to alternate between the two characters at specific points during the story. The player might be required to switch between the game’s two main characters after every 2 chapters.

Yakuza 0 is a perfect entry point for all the new players who have not played the Japanese gaming series. To complete the main story, one would require at least 30 hours to level up and beat the game. However, playing the game with side quests would double the time required to complete it i.e about 60 hours. There are in all, a total of seventeen chapters in Yakuza 0. The length of each chapter to be played varies but one can expect them to be at least a few hours long.

Main Story31 hours
Main + Extras65 hours
Completionist 138 hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Yakuza 0?

Yakuza 0 is a fantastic prequel to an already popular, long-running Japan’s criminal underworld video game. It is a type of game that offers a wide variety of quests to its players throughout the game. The gamers are given a chance through the game to interact with all the vices 1988’s Japan had to offer. It provides interesting fights and combats to its players to engage in.

The game is top-notch and fun to play for long durations. The gameplay is richly detailed and gives out vibes of early Japan. It is a classic 3D brawler that nobody could deny playing once addicted to its storyline. The players of the game interact with all kinds of goons, thugs, and lowlifes to beat up whilst roaming freely in the streets of Tokyo or Osaka within the game.

Even though the Yakuza franchise of video games features several games of long duration, they are not boring or feel lengthy to play. Instead, the storyline of the game is so intriguing that the player tries his best to beat the game in the minimum time possible, in the best possible way to know what is going to happen at the end of the game.

The Yakuza games are quite a hit in the West and are played extensively there. There is no deniability to the Yakuza 0’s huge popularity, all credit goes to its gripping storyline and fantastic gameplay. Yakuza 0 is considered to be one of the best in the entire game franchise. If one plans to complete this game to 100%, it takes approximately 140 hours. Yakuza 0 takes about twice the time required to complete the remake of the original game, Yakuza Kiwami.


Yakuza, the prequel to the original game, has a lot to offer to the storyline and also to its players. The 17 chapters long game could take anywhere from 30 hours to complete just the main story to 60 hours for completing both the main and side quests of the game. No matter how one plays Yakuza 0, it is a fun experience in form of a Japanese video game that is certainly interesting to play.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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