How Long To Grill Chicken (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 To 10 Minutes

Grilling was invented long back in the 17th century. A method of cooking in which heat is applied to the food surface from both the former and lower part of the food is grilling. Grilling requires some dry heat with a much higher temperature to cook meat and vegetables quickly.

The grill is defined as an open wire grid with a heat source above or below it. Heat transfer to the food while using a grill is by thermal radiation. The heat applied from above the grill is known as broiling.

Grilling is sometimes termed as a healthy alternative other than frying.

How Long To Grill Chicken

How Long To Grill Chicken?

Types Of ChickenTime Taken
Chicken Breasts (Boneless)8 To 11 Minutes
Chicken Breasts (Bone-in)11 To 15 Minutes
Thigh (Boneless)10 To 14 Minutes

Chicken is the most liked dish of around 52% of people all around the world. It tastes delicious when grilled at a preferable temperature for a particular time. Chicken is prescribed as a protein diet and is healthy when uptaken in a proper amount.

By differentiating the recipes of different chefs, we can conclude that the different parts of chicken may require different times to be cooked properly. E.g.let’s say the chicken breasts and the boneless ones take 8-11 minutes for each side, while the bone in ones need 11-15mins.

Similarly, the boneless thighs need to be cooked for 5-7mins per side whereas, the bone in ones requires 8-11mins each side. Moving to the temperature required for grilling chicken should be higher for better results which are naturally 350°F.

Grill Chicken Breast

People mostly like to have grilled chicken breasts. The first one needs to preheat the grill, marinate the chicken the way you want. Begin with the seasoning of the chicken breasts. Now apply indirect heat to the chicken to prevent burning.

Flip it over the grill. Rest it on the grill for about 5 minutes on each side keeping an eye on the heat applied and serve it hot once done, cooking it for about 10 mins.

The chicken to be grilled should be flipped twice or more to prevent its burning and also, stick to the grill. If this is not done, it won’t get marked up to the way you want. 

Why Does It Take So Long To Grill Chicken?

The chicken needs to be grilled in a better way, despite being overcooked to taste delicious and proper. Avoiding overcooking of chicken, the chefs advise using combined direct and indirect heat.

The process is to ensure the perfect texture and crispiness of the chicken without burning it. During the marination part before grilling, it is advised to marinate the chicken and leave for about 4-5hours before grilling.

It’s followed to get a perfect dish served with the best flavor. Waiting for such a long time might be troublesome, so marination before 10 mins can give a desirable flavor to the chicken.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to marinate, then simple oiling on the surface with some salt can make the chicken flavored too. It must be clear that the chicken needs to be cooked properly in the heat.

If undercooked or overcooked, the chicken might destroy your thought of having a delicious meal. A person needs to acquire knowledge to get the combination of the particular temperature at which the chicken should cook and for what ounce of time.

Grill Chicken Breast

Chicken and other poultry products are chosen to be grilled at a temperature of 165 degrees F, that is 75 degrees C. The boneless pieces take less time to cook than the bone-in ones.

The time it takes to grill the chicken depends on several factors like the size of the chicken, bone-in or boneless pieces, and importantly the temperature of the grill. 


Grilling chicken might be a healthy process as grilled chicken has less fat and also has reduced calorie content but that doesn’t mean it is healthier. Knowing the fact that grilling requires a much higher temperature is a threat to human health. Cooking meat, fish, or poultry at such high temperatures may pose some risks.

Cooking meat at a temperature higher than 300°F promotes the formation of toxic compounds like heterolytic amines. These heterolytic amines are referred to as carcinogens which may cause human cancer risk.



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  1. I’ve always found grilling chicken to be a tedious process, it’s hard to find the perfect temperature and time.

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