How Long After Freezing Is Chicken Good (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 09-12 months

Food is an integral part of human life. No one is capable of surviving without the nutrients we get from consuming food grains. Every kind of food contains some nutrients. There are different categories of nutrients like protein, vitamin, iron, calcium “etc.”, shared in different kinds of foods. Animal meat such as chicken, mutton, prawns has vitamin B6 and B12 with some amount of protein.

There are various ways in which meat can be given a new taste and manage the nutrient level too. Chicken is most apt to put in use after 09-12 months of freezing.

How Long After Freezing Is Chicken Good

How Long After Freezing Is Chicken Good?

Type of chickenTime
Chicken pieces9 months
Whole chicken1 year

There are many advantages to freezing meat products. One of the main reasons is that freezing naturally stops the growth of any kind of bacteria on the food. There is a particular way of freezing chicken so that it stays somehow fresh even after a significant period. When there is no need to eat chicken immediately and you want to keep it for a future meal, the uncooked chicken is best to be frozen until you decide to eat it later. If chicken is kept at normal room temperature, there are chances of bacteria growth on the chicken and the meat may get unhealthy to eat or cook.

To prevent this loss of food items, it is always advised to keep the meat frozen until further use. This preservative method was mostly used by the sailors initially and by the army people. They needed to keep food safe and healthy for a long time during the missions or journey. So, frozen items were very useful for them, and gradually, this technique got its fame when hotel management and feast arrangement groups used it too.


To freeze the chicken properly, you need to wrap it up with something or cling to a film. The chicken needs to be put in an airtight container and this step is a must to be taken care of before you put the chicken to freeze at a very low temperature. The steps may appear simple, but the slightest mistake can lead to damage to the meat, and it would no longer stay edible.

Why Is Chicken Good So Long After Freezing?

Freezing is a natural and safe way to extend the edibility of meat products like chicken or mutton. When there is not an immediate need to dine on the meat item, people decide on keeping the meat product for further use. By freezing, a person gets the liberty to do the same. By extending the edibility of chicken, one can always count on the frozen meat afterward. The meat stays healthy and fresh for a long time and can be consumed without any hesitation or fear of diseases like food poisoning.

The mechanism of how the whole process works is that freezing prevents a particular kind of liquid inside the meat from turning into large crystals. These crystals are responsible for the faster deterioration of the meat quality and also these crystals damage the texture of the meat. But by freezing it, both of the consequences can be prevented.


At some places, there are huge freezers in which meat items are preserved so that the consumers can use the meat later and that too, in a good and healthy condition. Tons of meat is kept at freezing temperature and sold to the common people. The cost maybe a little higher for frozen meat in some places, but it is worth it. One can always count on the quality of the meat and eat it without any fear of diseases. Frozen meat stays in the best condition for around 09-12 months and the edibility also stands on the pinnacle.


Meat is loved by a huge number of people throughout the world and chicken is the most widely eaten meat of all. There are hundreds of dishes served using chicken and each one can be more delicious than the former. Cuisines may vary as per the country’s tongue but every dish made out of chicken is worth giving a try.

Most people can never say a direct no to a chicken dish and therefore, workers keep huge amounts of frozen meat to be supplied to the shops and from there on to the homes. So freezing becomes a very suitable way to preserve meat and also various other products.


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