The glitter of the turquoise sea. The gentle caress of the ocean breeze. The warm glow of white sands. What we want from a tropical vacation is easy to imagine, but often hard to get when you’re landlocked or experiencing the depths of winter. Thankfully, Key Lime Delight can send your tastebuds to that magical place with a crisp, buttery oatmeal cookie crust and a lusciously thick, sweet, and tart key lime filling. Mmm, even the whipped toppings remind your tastebuds of fluffy clouds above the waters. Key Lime Delight is a vacation on a plate!

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  • 1 (1-pound 1.5-ounce) package oatmeal cookie mix
  • 1/2 cup firm butter or margarine
  • 2 (14-ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk
  • 3/4 cup key lime juice or lime juice
  • 2 (8-ounce) containers frozen whipped topping, thawed and divided
  • 2 (6-ounce) containers yogurt, key lime pie flavor
  • green food coloring, optional, to taste
  • 1 tablespoon lime peel, grated
  • 1/2 cup fresh berries, optional


Step 1 –Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Step 2 –Spray the bottom and the sides of a 9×13-inch pan with cooking spray.

Step 3 –Add the cookie mix and the butter in a large bowl.

Step 4 –With a pastry blender or a fork, cut in the butter until the mixture is crumbly and coarse.

Step 5 –Lightly press the crumb mixture into the bottom of the prepared pan.

Step 6 –Bake the crust until golden-brown, about 10-12 minutes.

Step 7 –In a large bowl, beat the condensed milk and the lime juice with an electric mixture on medium speed until smooth and thickened.

Step 8 –Set 1 cup of the whipped topping aside and fold the remaining whipped topping, the yogurt, and the food coloring into the milk mixture.

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Step 9 –Spoon the yogurt mixture into the cooled crust.

Step 10 –Cover and refrigerate the dessert until it is set, about 1 hour.

Step 11 –Cut the dessert into squares.

Step 12 –Garnish each serving with a dollop of the remaining whipped topping, the grated lime peel, and the fresh berries.

Step 13 –Serve.