How Long After Atla Is Korra (And Why)?

How Long After Atla Is Korra (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 70 years

Korra is an animated series on the television channel Nickelodeon. It originates from America as a sequel to the ongoing Alta series. It has 52 seasons which have been divided into 4 books. It is a fusion of various elements like action, sci-fi, adventure, and comedy-drama. It is a continuity to its predecessor Alta where the story is set in a fictional world where people have the power to alter with the various elements of nature.

However, no person has the power to alter with four elements altogether. But, there is the person named Avatar, who has this special power against others. He even holds the responsibility of balancing these four elements on earth. Avatar Korra comes into power when she witnesses instability on the earth.

How Long After Atla Is Korra

How Long After Atla Is Korra?

Minimum66 years
Maximum70 years

The series Korra came like a competition for its predecessor and earned a lot of popularity among its viewers. The writing skills and the production techniques even won much appreciation. Not just this, this series was even nominated for many awards. Among them, it successfully managed to win the Annie Awards, Gracie Awards, etc. Apart from fiction and entertainment, it even addressed the social and political issues prevalent in the country.

During those days, terrorism had become the terror of the day. Society was even unrest due to discrimination due to various issues. However, the series Korra was seen as a production to break down all these issues prevalent in the country. It even paved the path for the exhibition of LGBT series and movies in children’s programs by making the main character Korra fall in love with Asami Sato who was of the same gender as Korra.

Korra was actually the successor of the Avatar Aang, who belonged to the tribes of the Southern Waters. In the preceding story, Korra was 17 years old and the story talks of her adventures. The fictional world portrayed in the series is more advanced than the existing world in terms of technology. The next series Korra was actually portrayed that it was set 70 years after its predecessor. She arises from power to create a balance between the unbalanced physical and spiritual spheres of the fictional world.


In the first part of the story, people who had those special powers of altering the four elements of Earth were misusing these powers to achieve their evil designs. The atmosphere of the city also sets up a more mature atmosphere thereby setting the stage for Korra’s arrival. Hence, Korra arrives 70 years after the series of Atla.

Why Is Korra So Long After Atla?

People who watch Atla have even watched Korra. The story says about Avatar who had the power to alter with all the elements. However, Avatar Aang served as an Air bender. But, after his death, the Avatar was to pass on to somebody who would keep up the legacy of reincarnation. It was predicted that it would pass to someone who could bend waters. However, this did not happen. Korra turned out to be an earth bender and kept changing with time.

Korra belonged to the tribe of waters of the Southern part. Hence, she was guided by the world’s best water bender, Katara. At the beginning of the series, Korra was 17 years old. However, in the successor series, Korra was 85 years old which indicates that the atmosphere was set 70 years after the initial series. Aang’s last wish was kept and she never stepped out of her tribe. However, on realizing the gravity of the situation, she finally steps out for the Republic City where she could learn air bending.

The setting of both the series varies differently both in terms of atmosphere and legends. In the previous series, Atla was released to feature some technologies like communication by paper and travel through the sky by bison. However, the sequel series, Korra was released to feature some new and advanced technologies like chases by car and others. The pro-bending sport which dominated the previous series was even very enticing.


Technically, Korra has been the successor of Aang. However, they have very different qualities. While the predecessor Aang used to run away from the title of Avatar and accept it ultimately under pressure, the successor Korra accept the responsibilities of Avatar with willingness and eagerness. This is very evident in the first episode itself.


The structure and building up of both the animated series are not only intriguing but also fascinating. The setting of the atmosphere is enticing and people have loved it for the change. Most of the people who had watched the initial series couldn’t hold on to enjoy the sequel. It has been regarded as the best series based on animation and other effects. The characterization is constant and the plot is no doubt mind-blowing.

The characters are well developed in terms of action and lessons. Both those sequences have a lot of morals to teach. If someone wants to go for it, you can go for it with satisfying results. The story and the plot are quite interesting and people have showered much love on it.


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24 thoughts on “How Long After Atla Is Korra (And Why)?”

  1. The shift in technology and societal issues from Atla to Korra showcases the versatility and relevance of the Avatar universe across different eras.

    1. Korra provides a window into a world 70 years after Aang’s legacy, and the exploration of this new era is nothing short of compelling.

  2. Korra’s arrival 70 years after Atla provides a fresh and mature atmosphere for the series. It’s a great combination of social and political commentary with fiction and entertainment.

  3. The fact that Korra addresses issues like terrorism and discrimination makes it a significant and relevant series. It’s impressive to see it break down these societal problems.

    1. Avatar of Matthews Connor
      Matthews Connor

      Korra’s representation of LGBT relationships shows the series’ commitment to addressing real-world issues.

  4. It’s interesting to see the differences between Aang and Korra as Avatars. Their unique qualities add depth and complexity to the stories they inhabit.

    1. I appreciate the contrast in the characterization of Aang and Korra. It shows a great evolution in storytelling.

  5. Avatar of Richardson Jasmine
    Richardson Jasmine

    The progression of time in Korra after Atla offers a unique perspective on the Avatar universe, and Korra’s story is an essential addition to the saga.

    1. As a long-time fan of the Avatar universe, Korra’s expansion of the lore is a welcome and enriching experience.

  6. Avatar of Amelia Thompson
    Amelia Thompson

    This series is an incredible blend of action, sci-fi, adventure, and comedy-drama. Korra is a fantastic sequel to Atla, 70 years after the original series. It’s refreshing to see advanced technology and different legends!

  7. Korra’s willingness and eagerness to accept the responsibilities of Avatar set her apart from Aang, creating a compelling successor to the Avatar legacy.

    1. The character development in Korra is truly remarkable, especially in comparison to Aang’s journey.

  8. The success of Korra in addressing social and political concerns while maintaining high-quality storytelling and production is truly impressive.

    1. Korra’s ability to balance action and social relevance is a testament to its strong writing and production team.

  9. The cultural and technological progression from Atla to Korra paints a vivid picture of the evolving Avatar universe, and it’s fascinating to witness the changes.

    1. The world-building in the Avatar series through the lens of different Avatars is an impressive storytelling feat.

  10. Korra’s creative blend of mature atmosphere, advanced technology, and new legends captivated audiences in a way that sets it apart from its predecessor.

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