How Long After Lifting Do Muscles Grow (And Why)?

How Long After Lifting Do Muscles Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 weeks

For everyone who has a deep desire to build muscles, lifting weights is the most essential activity of the entire workout routine. As far as beginners are concerned, the body takes a considerable amount of time to adjust to this mechanism. Regular trainers can easily build muscles with rigorous practice due to the enhanced flexibility of body tissues.

Whatever be the case, building muscles is possible only by following a strict routine and eating accordingly. Working under a trainer or a dietician can prove to be an added benefit. Patience is the key.

How Long After Lifting Do Muscles Grow

How Long After Lifting Do Muscles Grow?

The answer to this question lies in the intensity of weights lifted by the respective trainees. Since the output is directly proportional to input in the case of building muscles, one should not expect enhanced results after putting in minimal effort.

There are two ways in which weight training can be construed – less intensity for a large number of days, or more intensity for less number of days. Though the end results are not solely dependent upon duration and intensity, these two factors surely play a key role in determining growth.

The lower limit is capped at six weeks. The reason behind setting such a mark is the normal human mechanism of growing a muscle. It takes at least six weeks to see visible results. This procedure is followed while undergoing immense training for quick gains.

On the other hand, if there is no hurry, one can easily build muscles within ten weeks. The input is a bit low in the latter case. If a mixed approach is taken, the body might get ample time to adjust. There are a lot of variations possible in this routine.

Once a person begins to build muscles, the tissues find it a lot more easy to synthesize proteins. Though a lot of artificial methods are also available, building muscles by lifting weights still continues to be one of the most common training practices. It is vital to stay disciplined and work out regularly.


In summary:

Intensity of WeightsTime
High6 weeks
Low10 weeks

Why Do Muscles Grow So Long After Lifting?

The procedure through which the body builds muscles might lead to further insight into the reasons. Firstly, proteins are extracted from the food consumed by the person. These proteins further break down into their constituent parts which lead to better utilization of the same by the tissues of the body.

The role of building weights is crucial in this process. These proteins are broken down by muscles. When a person does rigorous weight lifting, the muscles are torn and thus, the rate of breaking down is lowered. If the body needs to cut down proteins into lower forms, it needs more muscles.

This is how muscles are built using a reverse mechanism. Consuming a greater amount of protein-rich food further catalyzes the whole procedure which leads to a toned body. The analogy is quite direct – weight lifting for more breakdown of muscles, more protein for more creation of muscles.


Both the steps are completely opposite still interrelate uniquely. This is why the body takes such a long time to build muscles. A few ounces would not be visible at all. In case the routine is followed diligently, the body might get conditioned to build muscles in the same way.

On the other hand, breaking the routine and giving way to more cheat days has an adverse impact on the process. Taking supplements is widely accepted but it does more harm than good in a majority of cases. The natural process is believed to be the best.


The time span is the mean of the time taken by beginners as well as professional bodybuilders. Minor fluctuations are bound to happen irrespective of the schedule followed by the concerned person. Trainers are of a different opinion altogether as far as the duration is concerned.

Building muscles is a gradual process that depends upon the innate capacities of a person’s body. Therefore, the focus should be on better built instead of quick results. The best option is to track progress weekly.


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