How Long After Hernia Surgery can I get Pregnant (And why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Year

With the improvement in medical science, infections and injuries can be treated with the discovery of more medicines, technology, and the young brains putting them to work.

But many a time, a disease may be treated with full caution but still can leave a permanent scar on the body forever. A hernia is one of them.

After the hernia treatment, the person has to stop many activities for some time; hernia can also slow down the pregnancy process since the hernia occurs in the central body regions like the opening of the uterus from where the egg flows via the fallopian tube.

How Long After Hernia Surgery can I get Pregnant


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How Long After Hernia Surgery can I Get Pregnant?

Hernia can be defined as when an organ or fatty tissue, due to immense pressure, gets squeezed out of the weak surrounding openings to stop the tissue from escaping. For example, the most common hernia is when the intestine gets packed out of the belly button. Hernia’s most common interference can be due to a weak organ since birth, and the inner organs can be forced out during pregnancy, coughing hard or immense pressure on that organ.

Hernia surgery starts with the examination process and the kind of surgery performed on the patients. The surgery can be open hernia surgery and laparoscopic type.

Open hernia surgery occurs when a small incision is made in the groin area. The sac containing the hernia is identified and then is carefully pushed inward without hurting and then strengthening the weak wall using a mesh, and then stitches are applied.

The laparoscopic type surgery is the most preferred type since it is less painful; it starts with giving the dose of general anesthesia to the patient to carry out the surgery without any issue. The doctor uses a laparoscope with a dime-like camera in front connected with the external monitor to give out clear images.

The inside is filled with gases like carbon dioxide since it gives space to work and examine peritoneum is treated with a cut that exposes the weak abdominal walls. They are treated with plastic or synthetic meshes to prevent future problems.

Hernia Surgery
FactorsTime Window
Normal Age1 Year
Hernia in Uterus2 Years
Hernia in Sperm Duct1 Year 6 Months

Why Does it Take So Long to Get Pregnant after Hernia?

Getting pregnant after the hernia repair may be risky since the doctor prescribes a one-year window between pregnancy and the hernia surgery. Still, other factors may also affect the pregnancy process, that is, the age, gender, and body place occurrence.

Age is an essential component since with the increasing age, and the body does not need a sponge to the new or external agents introduced in the body similarly when the mesh is introduced and tied, that may cause some problem during pregnancy directly or indirectly may increase the time.

A hernia is also an essential factor since if a hernia occurs in the regions like the stomach and belly button, the person may get pregnant within a few months. Still, if the occurrence is in the uterus, fallopian tube, and vas deference or sperm sect, then the person may have to wait so that the egg and the sperm flow aren’t affected.

Gender is also an important factor since the hernia may occur in the uterus region for females and sperm duct or vas deference area. Still, the hernia situation can be treated using the methods mentioned earlier. 


But if the hernia is occurred by the women in the uterus, that may increase the time of pregnancy since the mesh may hinder the flow. Still, for men, the reverse hernia in the sperm duct region is easily treatable. The pregnancy can take in no time.


Both the hernia and the pregnancy go hand in hand, the reason being the hernia is one of the major hindrances in the pregnancy. The reason is the most common occurrence place for hernia is the sperm duct and the uterus. But hernia can be treated easily with either open hernia surgery using incisions and cuts or laparoscopic type the examined and the least painful method.

After the hernia is treated, the window for pregnancy should at least be a year since the affected organs get back to the average rate, and the experts suggest waiting for a year. 

But other factors that can affect the said time window are age, gender, and the body place occurrence.




Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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