How Long to Beat Planescape Torment (And Why)?

How Long to Beat Planescape Torment (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 33 Hours

Role-playing video games have always been fun, and games involving dungeons and dragons are the best. Who will not like it? “Planescape Torment” is one such game, which was developed in December 1999 by Black Isle Studios. The whole game of Planescape Torment can be played on platforms like Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Planescape torment takes the player through the journey of an immortal man, “the Nameless One”, who wishes to regain his memories which he forgets every time he gets killed. This game is set in the city of Sigil, where people’s beliefs can change the world.

How Long to Beat Planescape Torment

How Long to Beat Planescape Torment?

Single-playerAverage Game Time
Main story32 hours 23 minutes
Main story + Extras44 hours 36 minutes

When you are playing a video game, the time it takes to beat that game depends on the player to the player. This is because some players wish to play and complete that game slowly, while some are eager to finish the game, mostly because the game is addictive and they’re good at it. Thus, although the time is going to differ, the average time to beat only the main story of “Planescape Torment” is almost 33 hours. And the average time to complete the main story along with the extras is 44 hours.

But this time also differs based on what platform you’re using to play this game, and how you’re playing it. If you are playing only the main story, then on Nintendo Switch it’ll take 19 hours 05 minutes. For PC, it’ll be 33 hours 22 minutes and for PlayStation 4, it’s going to be 35 hours. But if you’re playing along with the extras, then for Nintendo Switch it will need 25 hours abs for PC, it will take 44 hours 35 minutes.

If you want to beat this game fast, then it’ll take 11 hours on Nintendo Switch, 15 hours on PC, and 35 hours on PlayStation 4. And if you wish to play it leisurely, then you’ll need almost 27 hours for Nintendo Switch, 104 hours for PC, and 35 hours for PlayStation 4. 

You can also play the main story along with the extras, on your mobile. You can beat this game in just 45 hours. You can even complete this game in almost 66 hours with a 100% walkthrough on PC and Xbox One.

Why does it Take That Long to Beat Planescape Torment?

In these 33 hours, the players are introduced to the story’s protagonist, ‘the Nameless One’, who had just woken up in a mortuary. He tries to escape from the mortuary and further explores the city of Sigil. The protagonist wishes to regain his forgotten memories with the help of various hints provided to him by different characters. The player is also made aware of the fact that the Nameless One is an immortal character. Thus, the protagonist is also determined to find out the reason behind his immortality.

The other reason which is likely to extend the game period is the extra quests or achievements. There are in total 50 achievements in the game, from which 12 achievements are visible to the players, and 38 achievements are secret achievements. As these are secret achievements, they are hard to find. And because of that, the players take a lot of time to find these out, which results in an extended game period. These achievements help in increasing the game score, yet it is okay if you omit them.

This game also includes multiple endings, i.e., it has 8 different endings. It depends on the player’s choice which ending he gets. You also have the option of saving the game and then reloading it again to try other choices and find out their conclusions as well. Thus, experiencing the conclusions because of those particular choices can add up more time to the game.

As the players also have the option of playing this game with a 100% walkthrough, though this might also result in an extended game period.


Although this game doesn’t include any chapters, the storyline can still be divided into specific parts. And if you wish to finish this storyline fast, then you can omit all the extra quests, and can also use some hints which are always provided online. But it’s better to play all the side quests as well because, in that way, you’ll not miss any fun.

Thus, how long it will take to beat Planescape Torment depends on the method a player uses to play this game. With lots of side-quests and an interesting storyline, many players have found this game fun to play. And if a game is interesting, then the video game lovers don’t mind an extended game period.


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  1. It’s fascinating to learn about the different aspects of gameplay that contribute to the average completion time of Planescape Torment. The presence of extra quests, secret achievements, and multiple endings enhances the replayability and overall enjoyment of the game. I can’t wait to uncover the mysteries in Sigil.

  2. The average completion time for Planescape Torment reflects the rich and multifaceted nature of the game. The inclusion of multiple endings and secret achievements ensures that players have the opportunity to engage fully with the narrative and world-building. I’m eager to experience the various storylines and character arcs within the game.

  3. The concept of an immortal protagonist in a quest to regain forgotten memories sounds intriguing. The average time to beat the main story of Planescape Torment is justified given the depth of the narrative and the potential for multiple endings. I’m eager to explore the city of Sigil and immerse myself in this unique game.

  4. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of the average game time for Planescape Torment. It’s helpful to know that playing on different platforms can result in varying completion times. This information will certainly factor into my decision on which platform to play on.

  5. As a fan of immersive storytelling in video games, I can appreciate the extended gameplay offered by Planescape Torment. The presence of secret achievements and multiple endings adds significant replay value to the overall experience. I look forward to embarking on this captivating journey.

  6. Avatar of Archie Robertson
    Archie Robertson

    The extended gameplay duration of Planescape Torment is justifiable given the complexity and depth of the storyline. Players have the option to engage in extra quests, uncover secret achievements, and explore various narrative paths, resulting in a truly immersive and rewarding experience. I’m excited to delve into the world of Sigil.

  7. The detailed breakdown of the average game time for Planescape Torment offers valuable insights for players who are considering embarking on this adventure. The presence of multiple endings and secret achievements contributes to the game’s longevity, providing an enriching and fulfilling experience for dedicated players.

  8. I absolutely love role-playing video games, and Planescape Torment sounds like an amazing experience. I can’t wait to dive into the immersive world of Sigil and uncover the mysteries surrounding the Nameless One. The average time to beat the main story is reasonable for such a rich and complex game.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Green Isaac! The depth of storytelling and the multiple endings make this game a must-play for any RPG enthusiast. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

  9. The average completion time for Planescape Torment indicates the rich and intricate storytelling that awaits players. The inclusion of secret achievements and multiple endings adds layers of complexity and depth to the overall experience, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the world of Sigil. I’m eager to embark on this compelling adventure.

  10. The comprehensive breakdown of the average game time for Planescape Torment provides valuable insights into the immersive and expansive nature of the game. The presence of secret achievements and multiple endings contributes to the depth and replayability of the overall experience. I look forward to the challenge of uncovering all the mysteries in Sigil.

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