How Long After Sale Agreed To Completion (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 8-10 weeks

House or property is the biggest investment a person does in his / her life. The decision of doing so, itself takes so much to think deeply over it. But once you decided to go for such a decision then it will be a huge investment. You may get a perfect property and are thinking about its renovation or getting it repaired by the owner, lots of facts collectively make a decision. The buyer and the seller have to go through lots of documentation, paper works, and law-abiding statements.

To be honest, it not a cakewalk. It’s not that it gets sold and you decide the money or you sold and get the house. People are there, who have no idea the process between a healthy bid and getting the keys. Definitely, the process is never an easier one. It may be the busiest and annoying process for the first-time buyer but it ended with gaining lots of experience. It’s fine that you checked a contract but still, you have mortgages and contracts yet to finish.

How Long After Sale Agreed To Completion

How Long After Sale Agreed To Completion?

Minimum time8 weeks
Maximum time10 weeks

The whole process begins from getting the acceptance of your offer following that up to getting your keys. It may vary from person to person, buyer’s easy attitude, and the nature of both buyer and seller. Sometimes the legal procedure and the court paperwork take more time than usual, depends upon the flexibility of the respective department.

In the mean, it can fluctuate between a month or two. For receiving the load offer the client may take two to three weeks and for other legal and paper works it will run for a minimum of three to four weeks and maximum it can take more than a month.

After finishing all these, visiting your lawyer is the most important step you need to follow. The crucial is the paperwork for your mortgage which you need to carry forward with utmost care and read every document before passing the signer document to your seller. Lots of records are there, for fraud cases so, be careful there and double-check everything with consideration with your solicitor. And everything ended with signing the agreement for approval to buy the house. Which is the most crucial step during this process.

Sale Agreed

A 10% deposit balance should be paid by your side, the cheque for the mortgage will be sent to your lower and the rest of the fund will directly be transferred to your seller. The process might be very complex for a first-time experiencing person, you may take the help of your relative or any friend to make sure everything is smooth and fine. Make sure everything ended with proper record maintaining and law-abiding procedure so that it can help you in further completion if arise.

Why Does It Take So Long For Sales After Agreeing To Completion?

It’s sure to say that no two house sales will be identical. It very common that there will be unusual situations and fluctuating inconveniences. Which ultimately makes rolling this annoying period. Based on collective data we found, the sale of a house from approving an offer to completion takes between eight and 10 weeks, although it can take much longer. But, the fact that it takes so long depends on other factors.

The simplest and straight answer is the process. In this process of getting the paperwork done and agreement ready, we buyers come through two very time taking steps. It is the acceptance of the offer, survey, and search order. This process itself can take more than a month in the worst conditions.

Sale Agreed

But people are also there, who are completing these all in two weeks but situations are subject to the client and the property. If you consider then you will find sorting and arranging a mortgage may also take half a month. But can also take 2 weeks less sometimes. As you know these two processes will going to eat much of your time, you must keep the preparation from your side to make it a little shorter. Be honest with all your property rights, legal papers, and likes with the mortgage advisor.

Proceed further by keeping all these in your mind. Doing and illegal documentation and malfunctioning during the process will not only slow down your process but also have chances of receiving a huge penalty.


Buy a new house is always a mark of a new beginning. Definitely, it will take a little time, but you should keep patience during the process don’t try to take any shortcuts. Taking a month and a half more is absolutely normal. You may like a house and you are eager to buy that one but don’t forget to see all the legal documents and property rights of the owner.

All documentation will definitely make the process a little longer but ultimately you will feel safe and comfortable at the end of this. Make sure the process is not only profitable but also a safer choice too.


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