How Long Are Polls Open (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 11 hours

All the polls during the election would be open for around 11 hours. The opening time for polls would be different in each country. In India, the voting time begins from 7 am, but the ending time may vary. Some places like Northern Eastern regions may have voting polls open till 5 pm.

The person has to check the correct voting polls. The research tools such as voting polls are specially made to comprehend the decisions of the public. Traditionally, the verbal voting polls were popular. The concept of ballot boxes was used as traditional voting ways.

Nowadays, the digital voting system is completely in trend. Today’s generation is privileged with online voting polls technology. The digital voting poll technology needs less effort and gives the best results. The workload for counting the votes is decreased by using digital technology.

How Long Are Polls Open

How Long Are Polls Open?

PollsHow Long Are Polls Open
Minimum time9 hours
Maximum time11 hours

The voting polls are vital parts of the election. As these voting polls would find out which candidates are supported by the majority of the public. The errors in voting polls can disturb the whole election results. The security near voting polls would be extremely high.

There are mainly three types of voting polls and these are:
Brushfire polls- The brushfire voting polls are conducted by the candidate to know how many votes are coming in their favor. This type of poll comes between the benchmark and tracking voting polls.

The budget of the campaign of the candidate would affect the frequency of the brushfire polls.
Benchmark polls- The benchmark voting polls method is used amidst the campaign. These voting polls serve the primary purpose of voting in the campaign. The candidates in the election will get to know their position by this voting poll method.

With the help of benchmark polls, the candidate can know his capability for contesting an election.
Tracking polls- In this method, digital or online voting polls are conducted for getting the responses of the public. The polls are organized or conducted multiple times to analyze the voting response for the candidates.

The election officials will be there to help the public to understand the voting methods. The election officials will ensure the public is able to use the voting polls correctly. The time of using the polls will be different for each type of voting polls.

The election commission would control the procedure of election. The election in India should be free and fair without any malpractice or fraud.

Why Are Polls Open For This Long?

The voting time is fixed under the laws of election and considering the conduct of election rules. The election commission of India will make sure the polls are closed after the voting time is over. The voting time of each state may be different depending on the rules.

For example, the voting time of Nagaland would be 9 hours while for general time is 11 hours. The poll hours for each constituency would be available online on the government websites.

The commission will ensure the public gets to know the voting time and guidelines for each constituency. The person needs to get the voting slip from the election office for finding the details of the voting station.

The location of all the voting stations would be available on the maps for the convenience of the public.

The government is always chosen by the voting poll process. The system of a paper-based voting system would be different from machine voting. The type of election would also affect the voting type and time.


Voting polls are vital for knowing the opinions and decisions of the public. The voting poll process for small organizations would be different from big organizations. The timing of voting would be informed to the public before a few days of the elections.

The public should make sure to give the vote within the voting timings. As no authority would allow any person to vote after the general voting time of the specific place.



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