How Long Can Rats Go Without Food (And Why)?

How Long Can Rats Go Without Food (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 days

The rats can’t live without food for more than 3 to 4 days. The rats can survive for around 28 to 30 days without any direct water access for drinking. If the owner provides the cat the foods rich in water content, then they can survive for around one month. It’s good to give the rat food every day, just like all the other pets. Some cats may not eat food regularly. In such cases, the person can give the food every 3 to 4 days.

Dehydration can become a huge problem for the health of rats. Therefore, it’s vital to give water to the rats every 24 hours. Everyone can feed the rats with fruits that contain high water content.

How Long Can Rats Go Without Food

How Long Can Rats Go Without Food?                    

Rats Without FoodTime
In hours96 hours
In days4 days

Rats can’t survive if they are not provided with food for around 6 to 7 days. Some rats require food every 12 hours. Many people use the starving out technique to make the rats leave their homes. The rats will leave on their own if they don’t’ get access to food for around 6 to 7 days.

The person can try keeping the home clean and without any food for not hosting the rats. Blocking the entrance of the rats to their hideouts is vital for removing them from the house. The pet rats should not be fed with excessively dry food. Their body is designed in a way to take out the water content from the food.

If the owners feed the rats with excessively dry food, then they will get dehydrated very quickly. The rats don’t require direct water for their survival. As they can survive from the water content inside the food given to them.

The size of the rats is another reason knowing how long they survive without food or water. The adult big-size rats can survive around 7 to 10 days without water or food. These rats can have many other alternatives for food or water. There are some fruits that don’t support the health of rats.

The fruits such as mangoes or oranges as linked with the risk of kidney damage in rats. Onions work like poison for the rats, as onions will kill the rats faster than anything.

Why Can Rats Go Without Food For This Long?

The natural immune system of rats makes them live for around 5 days without food. After 5 to 6 days, the dehydration process would start in rats. Dehydration would cause the cats to die soon. The female rats would not give birth to baby rats if there is no food available for the young ones.

Sometimes, the female pregnant rats will leave the house if they find no food is available for the young ones. If the rats are not provided with the required food in time, then they may start searching for it in the house. The kitchen is the favorite place for rats as they will manage to find some food in the kitchen.

For rats, the most important thing is to arrange food. The rats have no other important work like humans. Starving can cause the rats to eat the dead rats if the body is fresh. The baby rats can’t survive for around 48 hours without food.

The baby rats would stay alive by drinking their mother’s milk for around 5 to 6 weeks. Rats are quite cunning creatures who can even turn against their friends for survival.


The lifespan of rats depends on how much food they get in time. Food works as an essential for the rats, as they get all the required nutrients from it. The age of the rats plays a vital role in predicting how long they can survive without water and food. The rats will be forced to leave the house if they don’t find the required food for their meals.

Giving the same meals to the rats daily can also become another reason for them leaving the house.


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