How Long To Take NREMT After Class (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 years

NREMT stands for the national registry which deals with the hiring of emergency medical professionals and technicians. It is mostly a part of the Government of The United States. It was set up in 1970 as training for medical personnel. The certification provided by this organization is essential for all individuals wishing to venture into the field of medical science. This is one of the various initiatives taken by the Government of the USA to strengthen the medical trainees of the nation.



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Various other exams and certifications are made necessary for various branches of medical science. All the individuals according to their profession need to have a certification to be able to practice medical sciences in the nation.

How Long To Take NREMT After Class

How Long To Take NREMT After Class?

Number of hours40 hours
Duration2 years

There are various stages of certification depending on the qualification. The EMR certification is the basic certificate that is a must for all individuals entering into the field of medical sciences. After this, the individuals are specially trained in courses related to CPR, first aid, assessment of the patient, etc. The course takes about 60 hours to complete and on completion the individual can get hired in various services of the police department. The fire department also hires these individuals.

This course is followed by the course of technician followed by paramedical course. After completing of courses, one has to appear in various exams to be eligible for practicing in that field. If the individual is unable to clear the examination, then he would not be able to practice medical sciences. The individuals are put into emergencies to test their theoretical knowledge.

All individuals must have a minimum of 40 hours of theoretical background for at least 2 years before being eligible to qualify for the exam. The certification attained at the successful completion of the example remains valid only for 2 years after which the individual has to appear for the examination once again to gain the certification. However, in some cases, the certificate can even be renewed by paying a certain amount of fee.

One needs to have sound knowledge related to the syllabus. Proper knowledge about the pattern is even necessary. They keep evolving with time to bring out the best of individuals to serve the nation. Basically, it is a computer-based examination. Proper guidance and preparation can assist an individual pass through the examination without any fear of failing it.

Why Should One Wait So Long To Take NREMT After Class?

Medical professionals are the most important individuals of the nation. They hold the key to hundreds and thousands of individuals. Hence, they should be chosen properly with proper examination. Screening at every step further helps in the enhancement of their examination. The nation has made various advancements in examinations related to medical sciences to ensure that the most deserving candidate is chosen. This is why enough education and practice period of 40 hours for a continuous period of 2 years is suggested to individuals before giving the examination.

The test questions are basically of the MCQ type where all the four options are equally potential to be the correct answer. However, the best and the most appropriate answer, as chosen by the committee of 20 members, is the correct answer. The candidate who had written that correct answer as chosen by the team is awarded the marks. The examining committee has changed its pattern from offline mode to online mode.

The committee has now implemented the use of IRT i.e. Item Response Theory in which the computer assesses the potential of the candidate and his probability of getting the correct answer to the question. Previously, there were claims that the examination pattern is easy enough for an individual to pass via cheating. But, after this change in the pattern of examination, the exam has started sounding tough and fair.

One should go for taking the examination only after proper preparation. The examination is neither too easy nor too difficult. Enough amount of preparation is necessary. As it’s a computer-based test, the questions wouldn’t be provided to the candidate at once. The individual would have to appear one question before going to the next.


The points of all the questions are rewarded based on their level of difficulty. If the questions are difficult, then the points rewarded are comparatively higher. If the questions are easy, the points rewarded for such questions are less as compared to hard questions. All the questions of the examination must be taught during the period of education in classes. This is why the classroom is given so much importance.

The course materials of EMT should be properly covered. The basic knowledge of all the diseases along with their treatment procedure should be read thoroughly. If one is prepared enough for the examination, he/she can crack it easily.


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