How Long Does Safeassign Take (And Why)?

How Long Does Safeassign Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 To 30 Minutes

When someone uploads a paper, they want to know about the time it will take to scan and process the originality report. Everyone wants to know how accurate their paper is. This helps in increasing their grammar and vocabulary to a large extent.

Safeassign is a safe, easy detection tool for plagiarism in any uploaded document on websites. It was built into UBlearns or Blackboard Learn, which checks for originality in a submitted document.

One can use Safeassign available in the menu box of Blackboard Learn for plagiarized content in their articles and correct them. After that, they can submit their error-free documents on the websites.

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How Long Does Safeassign Take?

Safeassign15 to 30 minutes
A good percent of SafeassignBelow 15

By definition, Safeassign is a detection software to check the cheating and copy-pasting of texts in a document by the students. It works by comparing one’s document with millions of papers across the internet on different websites to report any plagiarized content.

It also helps in highlighting every phrase or sentence in the submitted file that overlaps with the wordings of the existing file. As a result, it exposes the plagiarized content and prevents the students from duplicating it.

Safeassign can also detect the old papers of someone who had submitted them to an educational institution that uses it. Old files can be detected if resubmitted as it has been saved in the scanner’s database and its collaborators when the original file was submitted.

Safeassign relies on numerous databases with whom it has a partnership. The global reference database, the Internet, the institutional archives, and the ProQuest ABI/Inform database are the databases included in it.

Many papers are published in each database which the Safeassign compares to the writer’s file. If by any chance, there comes a response of any plagiarism, the algorithm will directly expose that area for correction.

In a different scenario, a student uploads a paper by copying the parts from an old paper and writing them into their paper. Safeassign will immediately identify those parts. At last, the score of the file would be zero with no improvement.

Sometimes, the Safeassign service delays also occur during the examination days due to the high demand for reports or system errors.

Why Does Safeassign Take That Long?

When we talk about the electronic world, there are chances of errors in it as nothing is perfect here.

It provides an instructor with a wider set of sources across the Internet in a short period which they are unable to achieve on their own. Safeassign is not at all certain. It contains both false positives and false negatives.

False positives indicate that the Safeassign also flags as a match to the non-plagiarized content. False negatives mean that the content having plagiarism is not recognized by the system, and Safeassign could not identify as a match.

Safeassign gives a great opportunity to the students to learn from their mistakes to improve further. It helps in identifying their problem areas, recognizing the errors, and making corrections to have a better understanding of the whole process of writing.

It is believed that the good Safeassign percentage for an article is below 15, which has few matching areas with other sites.  An article having above 45% Safeassign score is considered the worst article.

This software provides a good and reliable originality report which displays the score according to the similarities found between the submitted and previous files.


Safeassign is a tool that works by detecting plagiarism in an uploaded file by flagging content that is not original. It is one of the ways by which a publisher recognizes cheating and also prevents it from happening.

Safeassign helps in making the students, as well as content writers, realize the importance of an original work. The publishers would always appreciate the students doing the original work. Sometimes, there may be delays due to high demand or system errors.

As a result, they are praised for their original work and also get recognized by many. In this way, Safeassign helps everyone in improving their writing skills and experience.


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