How Long is Salsa Good for – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 months

Many people enjoy having a snack or two daily, and for some of those people, the perfect snack is chips and salsa. Not only is salsa great with snack foods, but it’s a delicious condiment that can be utilized as a topping, or as an ingredient for a variety of other dishes.



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However, like all foods, salsa does indeed spoil. Because of this, it’s important to know just how long your salsa will last. Knowing this information helps prevent sickness or bad taste. You may also find it easier to time the usage of your salsa for maximum freshness.

How Long is Salsa Good for

How Long Is Salsa Good For?

The main factors that contribute to how long salsa stays good for are, what type of salsa it is and just how that salsa is stored. For instance, salsa will remain good for, if one has:

Store-bought jarred salsa, unopened: Salsa which was bought at a store is full of preservatives to help it stay good longer. If a jar of salsa is left unopened, one can expect the salsa to remain safe to eat for at least 6 months past the sell-by date.

Store-bought jarred salsa, opened, in the refrigerator: Salsa which was bought at a store but has been opened and stored in the refrigerator will stay tasty and good to eat for at least 1 month. Afterward, the salsa may lose flavor and even become unsafe to eat.

Store-bought jarred salsa, opened, in the freezer: Salsa which was bought at a store but has been opened and stored in the freezer will stay tasty and good to eat for at least 2 months. Afterward, the salsa may lose flavor.

Fresh salsa, stored in the refrigerator: Fresh salsa made at home that has been properly stored in the refrigerator should stay good for at least 5 to 7 days. However, after about 3 days, quality may suffer.

Fresh salsa, stored in the freezer: Fresh salsa that is frozen in the freezer will remain tasty and safe to eat for at least 1 month, possibly more.

In summary:

Salsa TypeTime
Jarred, unopened6 months past date
Jarred, opened, in the refrigerator1 month
Jarred, opened, in the freezerAt least 2 months
Fresh, in the refrigerator5-7 days
Fresh, in the freezerAt least 1 month

It should be noted that all salsa should be properly stored as soon as possible for the best results and longest life.

Why Does Salsa Last That Long?

As with any food made of perishable ingredients, salsa will spoil. Depending on the type of salsa, and how you store it, you may get more life out of your salsa than otherwise believed. Salsa will spoil in varying amounts of time because of the presence or lack of preservatives in the food.

Food stored properly will also last longer than food stored improperly. To make your salsa last longer, store the leftovers in the jar, or in an airtight container, either in your refrigerator or in your freezer. When stored correctly, most salsas will last a pretty long time, remaining safe to eat for months in some cases.

Salsas that have more preservatives in them will last longer than those that don’t have preservatives at all. Store your salsa immediately after opening, and try to consume within a year of the sell-by date. If the salsa seems off in any way, discard and do not use it.

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