How Long Is Smoked Salmon Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 days

Have you stocked your refrigerator with smoked salmon? Then, you might be worried that it would go bad in a week. Well, then you don’t need to worry. We’ll guide you on how to store it till it goes bad. First, let’s know what is smoked salmon? Smoked salmon is a ready-to-eat food item. If you’re short on time, then smoked salmon might be the right choice.

Full with proteins, it is an item that people tend to stock up when it’s available on sale. The fact is that smoked salmon does get spoiled. Do read more to know more about smoked salmon.

How Long Is Smoked Salmon Good For

How Long Is Smoked Salmon Good For?

Type of meatStorage
Uncooked poultry1-2 days
Uncooked meat1-2 days
Uncooked fish1–2 days
Cooked meat or fish3–4 days
Hot dogs1-2 weeks

Where do your find and store smoke salmon? When you purchase smoked salmon it is found in the refrigerated segment of the store. And it might not be a surprise for the users. When you go get back home from the market make sure that you immediately place the salmon on your refrigerator. smoked salmon mostly comes in vacuum-sealed packs which are easy for refrigerating. Then, it won’t get spoiled if you place it at room temperature for about 30 minutes. Also, you can keep it for an hour but keep in mind that it might not be healthy.

Smoked salmon can get rotten, but it happens then when you open the container. Then, you can store that salmon for around 10 days. How to know that the salmon has got rotten? Firstly, you can notice the transition in color or the appearance looks similar to that of slime. A few discolorations can’t be ignored for a while but, if a large segment gets greenish or faded in appearance, then it is the time for you to throw that salmon. Whenever you store it make sure you place it away from sunlight or any origins of heat. While storing salmon make sure you squeeze it as much as possible such that there is no air bubble inside the package.

Other than the color, check the smell of salmon. If it doesn’t smell good then it isn’t good for consumption. But if both the factors are checked then it’s safe for having salmon. Also, make sure that you check the label for the last date of consumption.

Why Does Smoked Salmon Stay For This Long?

Like every other fish, a package of smoked salmon comes with an expiry date in the form of a label. Mostly it comes with a sold-by or use-by date. Both of these dates are in between two to three weeks from the date of packaging. With the help of this date, you can easily determine how long will smoked salmon maintain freshness. It is expected to stay fresh for about a day or two. But we can’t be sure about the date.

The day when you remove the package, the clock starts ticking and you have a limited time. From that day the smoked salmon will remain fresh for the next five days. If your freezer or vacuum storage is perfectly well, then you can expect it to stay fresh for about a week or more than that.

In case you want to salmon for a longer period then place it in the freezer. This method of storing salmon is quite simple but it demands little time. The important part is that it has no downsides. Remember that unopened salmon can stay for sold date plus 3 days whereas opened smoked salmon can stay for 5 to 7 days.


Looking for the best way to store smoked salmon? Well, so far we know that storing and freezing it is the best alternative. But Sea Bear company has proven that you can store salmon at room temperature as long as you haven’t removed the vacuum seal. In such a case, you need to make sure that it is placed away from sunlight and heat. When the seal is broken, then wrap it in some sealed container and squeeze it, and finally, place it in the freezer. A good wrap is necessary for smoked salmon such that it has moisture and smell in it.


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