How Long After Butter Expires Is It Still Good (And Why)?

How Long After Butter Expires Is It Still Good (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Months

Butter is considered to be a top protein replacement in vegetarian diets. There are different varieties of butter that are sold in the market. Their difference is noted in terms of the percentage of fat present in each variant. Butter is also used in the preparation of many delicacies. It is also commonly consumed with fruits and vegetables and an essential ingredient of dishes like butter chicken.

Butter is manufactured by a unique process of curdling milk and removing the whey. The by-product is used to make butter, and the amount of fat depends on the quality of the milk used. It is considered a super-food due to the high nutritional content of the product.

How Long After Butter Expires Is It Still Good

How Long After Butter Expires Is It Still Good?

Various companies produce butter, and many options are available in the market. An unopened pack of Butter has a relatively longer shelf life than an opened one. The sealed butter pack can be stored in the freezer for up to three months. Much like other dairy products, butter containers also have a printed sell-by date. This date is indicative of the last date when the unopened product can be sold to a consumer. It is not equivalent to the date when the product will be expired. Thus, the unopened butter pack can be frozen for about three months from this stipulated date.

If the butter batch is stored correctly, protected from sunlight and all such stuff, it can last for up to six months. And the time is not going to bring any change to its potency or taste. And in case you are not sure if the butter is consumable or not, check for the presence of any mold and stinky or rotten smell. You can also opt to reheat the butter at about 212 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the presence of any bacteria.

Place Where The Butter Is StoredTime For The Butter To Be Good
In freezerUp to six months
Normal conditionsFour weeks

The expiry date of Butter is three months, but it is after opening. However, it can be preserved for up to six months in cold conditions. If the butter is left open in normal conditions such as room temperature, it will degrade in four weeks and won’t be suitable for eating.

Why Is Butter Good for That Long After Expiry?

When kept under normal conditions, the butter lasts for about four weeks. On the other hand, when the butter is refrigerated, it lasts for six months or more. It might even prolong the mentioned expiry date. The other reason why butter lasts so long is the storage bottle in which it is kept. If the lid of the container is not tight enough, it may spoil the butter. The reason being the butter might come in contact with the outside temperatures. Also, if the butter was kept in the refrigerator, the process of condensation may take place. Thus, spoiling the butter.

One way to seal the butter is by wrapping it in parchment paper and storing it in some glass bottle or jar. Make sure the jar is then wrapped in some opaque bag to protect it from sunlight, etc. Several factors lead to the spoilage of this butter. The major one being unwanted exposure to heat or sunlight. The second one being exposed to moisture, etc. The third one comes out to be contamination caused by bugs and bacteria.


To keep in mind, whenever using the butter, cut it with a clean knife or a sharp spoon. And if you see a mold forming on the butter, it’s time to put the butter in the dustbin. Also, any rancid taste indicates that the butter is no more up for consumption. It would help if you did not compromise your health by eating degraded butter products.


Finally, it can be concluded that butter can be used to make various dishes such as butter chicken and eatable items such as bread and butter Maggi. Anything that requires cooking with butter can also be made substituted with this butter. Butter should be kept away from sunlight and heat.

On average, butter is still suitable for consumption after three months of expiry if it is stored adequately. The freshness of all dairy products is affected by the storing techniques implemented by an individual. Using astute and appropriate methods of storing these food items can help increase their longevity and preserve their freshness.


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    This article provides useful insight into the longevity of butter and helpful tips for maintaining its quality.

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