How Long To Beat Okami (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 50-60 Hours

Okami is a globally popular action-adventure video game released in 2006 in Japan and North America, while the game arrived in parts of Europe and Australia in 2007. Okami was developed initially by Clover Studio and was published by Capcom. The gameplay of Okami promotes Japanese mythology and folklore.



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The story revolves around how the Shintu Sun Goddess known as Amaterasu helped save the land from darkness by taking the form of a white wolf. In the end, Amaterasu fights with Yami, who is the main villain and the ruler of demons. Okami also involves the art styles of Japanese mythology.

How Long To Beat Okami

How Long To Beat Okami?

Okami has a very long storyline, and it takes a lot of time to master all the moves and remember all the directions involved in the game. After a specific duration of time, there are many hurdles that a player should cross to move to different levels. Amaterasu can fight enemies with varying combinations of weapons, and various fighting techniques can be used. It takes a lot of time to get familiar with how to use a specific weapon.

Okami has been highly appreciated by video game lovers worldwide. There are many enemies that a player has to face on different levels, and it is a time-consuming process to understand the gameplay of a particular enemy. A person who is a regular video game player will take a considerably lesser amount of time to complete the game.

Level Of A PlayerTime Taken To Complete The Game
Beginner50-60 Hours
Intermediate30-35 Hours
Advanced15-20 Hours

For the ones who are playing the game for the first time, it takes a lot of time to understand the entire gameplay and understand which weapon is best suited for fighting a particular enemy. Hence, it quickly takes around 50-60 hours to finish the game. Those who have already cleared the game earlier are more familiar with the different shortcuts involved and can complete the game in 30-35 hours. Advanced Video Game players who have finished the game often find it quite simple and finish the game in under 20 hours.

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Okami?

Okami has many different maps, and it is a player’s choice to decide which way to go to finish the game. Although a guide is available anytime for helping the player, it is often a good practice to explore new things on your own as it increases a player’s interest. But a guide will help in finishing the game earlier than expected. The players also need to utilize an inventive control scheme to defeat the enemies quickly.

Different types of treasures are also present at different levels of the game, and finding those treasures helps a player unlocking new weapons and gaining more power to complete the game. However, sometimes a few players lose interest in such a long game and leave the game in between. However, Okami has a great art style and has a unique backdrop that keeps the player glued to the game.

Okami is packed with a lot of content, and the gameplay is good enough to keep the player interested. Okami keeps introducing new concepts throughout the game, making the game a little more challenging and a bit lengthy. Optional treasures are something that a player can ignore if the player wants to finish the game as soon as possible. Video game lovers will find it a bit easy to finish the game as they have a habit of playing video games regularly, whereas new players will start more cautiously and take a bit longer.


Finally, it can be concluded that the time required to complete Okami depends on several factors, which include gameplay, speed, accuracy, and the determination of a player to play the game. Amaterasu, the main character of the game, is controlled by the player itself. The gameplay involves a mix of action, platform, and puzzle gaming genres. It takes time to prioritize which weapon to use and how to fight a particular enemy.

Apart from this, a player’s choice to complete optional treasures also decides when the game will finish. On average, Okami takes 50-60 hours to finish the first time.


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