How Long to Beat Nioh – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 82 hours

Nioh is one of the massive games in the market. This is an action game that was developed by Team Ninja for PS4 fans. In Japan, the game was published by Koei Tecmo whereas Sony Interactive Entertainment published it internationally.



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The game revolves around an Irish samurai called William. As a player, you will be guiding William on missions via enclosed areas, and you will be fighting supernatural beings along with some human enemies.

The supernatural beings are referred to as yokai. This game features incredible gameplay. Therefore, in this article, we shall go through how long to beat Nioh and why.

How Long to Beat Nioh

How long to beat Nioh?

Beating Nioh is often affected by your gameplay. However, this game features a long storyline with levels that are tricky to conquer. You must learn how to fight your way through vicious warriors and the Supernatural being Yokai which has infested the land in finding that which he seeks.

When playing Nioh main story, you are assured 82 hours and 30 minutes of gameplay. However, when playing all the sidequests and collecting all the collectible as you explore Nioh’s world, you are assured a minimum of 146 hours upon 100% completion.

Why does it take long to beat Nioh?

As usual, the amount of time taken to conquer a game depends majorly on individual gameplay. When playing Nioh main story alone, you are assured at least 82 hours of gameplay.

Whereas playing the main story along with the sidequests, you are guaranteed a minimum of 146 hours of gameplay. Despite the method of gameplay, Nioh features various levels that are tricky to conquer. This ends up increasing the duration taken before conquering Nioh.

Things you should know about Nioh

Nioh is one of the significant blockbusters games in the market. This game features some essential aspects which you should know before playing it;

  • Hard to beat: Conquering, this game will take plenty of effort and time. With patience and persistence, you will be able to beat it; however, this is not an easy task. When fighting against a standard enemy, he will be able to crush you will a few well-planned attacks.
  • Not a dark soul: Despite taking inspiration from Bloodborne and Dark Souls, Nioh is an entirely unique game.
  • Complicates: When playing Nioh, there is plenty of stuff you will need to manage, which makes it very complicated and hard to beat.
  • It is amazing: Despite having complicated boss fights, Nioh is an incredible game with hours of fun.


Nioh game features plenty of dodging, slashing and blocking stuff. You will be trying to work out your way via enclosed locations and tackling foes when you feel ready as you collect various collectibles.

When collecting collectibles in Nioh, you will be able to enhance your armor along will skillful points which helps in improving your moves. Furthermore, Nioh features a customizable combat technique and magic, which is unique to each stance.

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