How Long Is Dragon Quest XI (And Why)?

How Long Is Dragon Quest XI (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 200 Hours

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes Of An Elusive Age is a popular role-playing game that is a franchise of the main Dragon Quest video game series. It was developed and published by Square Enix and launched in Japan in the year 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS players. In September 2019, a modified version of the game called the ” Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age – Definitive Edition” was released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and for X Box One, and Windows players in December 2020.

The enhanced version of the game was later released for Stadia players in March 2021. The game was designed by Yuji Horii and produced by Yosuke Saito and Hokuto Okamoto. The game was well-received by critics because of its characters, localization, story, and narrative upon its release.

Dragon Quest XI follows the same gameplay as the Dragon Quest game series. The players in the game explore different worlds and fight other characters dressed up as monsters as per the storyline. The players can also choose between 2D and 3D graphical styles before entering the game.

How Long Is Dragon Quest XI

How Long is Dagon Quest XI?

Dragon Quest is still one of the most famous RPG franchises in Japan. It is a lengthy commitment and may take up to 200 hours to complete. The time taken to beat Dragon Quest XI varies with its expansive post-game and graphical mode.

For a single-player, it may take up to 80-100 hours on average to complete the main game story. The post-game further extends the time to around 120 hours on average. Several players have reported taking up to 200 hours to complete Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest XI (3D Mode)

The 3D mode of Dragon Quest XI is the main version that has been internationally released. The 3D playthrough can take up to 120 hours including the post-game content to complete. The enhanced version, Dragon Quest XI S, is comparatively longer and takes up to 130 to 200 hours to complete depending on gameplay and style.

Dragon Quest XI (2D Mode)

Dragon Quest XI S 2D is much shorter to complete when compared to the 3D mode. The main story requires 40 to 50 hours to beat followed by 10 to 20 hours extra for post-game content. The total playtime adds up to 60 hours or more on average for the 2D graphical mode of Dragon Quest XI S.

In summary:

Dragon Quest XI (main story)3D80-100 hours
Dragon Quest XI (post story)3D20 – 80 hours
Dragon Quest XI S (main story)3D80 – 120 hours
Dragon Quest XI S (post story)3D80 – 100 hours
Dragon Quest XI S (main story)2D40 – 50 hours
Dragon Quest XI S (post story)2D10 – 20 hours

Why Is Dragon Quest XI So Long?

The game Dragon Quest XI is set in the world of Erdrea. It begins when the kingdom of Dundrasil is attacked by an army of monsters and destroyed to be invaded. The story proceeds with the infant protagonist surviving the attack and later being adopted by an old man called Chalky.

The story continues with unexpected twists and turns to make it interesting for the players. The story is longer than other Dragon Quest series games and takes up to 120 hours on average for completion. Every city of Endrea is a stepping stone and the game progresses in a linear order.

The post-game content demands an additional 20 to 80 hours varying with gameplay. The 2D graphical mode of Dragon Quest XI S is shorter as 2D makes the game world flattened and easier to get through. Players can easily pass through battles and move at a quicker pace.


Dragon Quest XI is a world-famous game franchise of the Dragon Quest series launched in Japan. It has modernized gameplay and story to target a new generation of game players. It comes in two graphical modes: 2D and 3D.

It can take up to 200 hours for an individual to beat Dragon Quest XI in 3D mode. However, the time needed for completion may range between 120 to 200 hours. The 2D mode of the enhanced version of Dragon Quest XI needs up to 60+ hours for completion.


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