How Long To Wait After Using Aquasafe (And Why)?

Exact Answer: No waiting time

The Tetra Aquasafe dechlorinator is used to remove chlorine in a volume of water, to make it safe for fish to live and thrive in. It is essentially a type of water conditioner that cleans the water and makes it safe and habitable for fish. They are packaged and manufactured in small bottles that range from volumes of 1.69 ounce, 3.38 ounce., 8.45 ounce., 16.9 ounce, and 33.8 ounce.

This product can be used while preparing an aquarium for the first time, or even with an old aquarium, whenever you are changing the water, or during replacement of evaporation.

How Long To Wait After Using Aquasafe

How Long To Wait After Using Aquasafe?

Waiting time after setting up a new aquarium to add Aquasafe24-48 hours
Waiting time after adding Aquasafe to add fishNo waiting time

When setting up a new aquarium on your own, set up and switch on the filter, air pumps, and heater. Leave them on for at least 24 to 48 hours, before placing the fish inside the aquarium. Doing so can help the heater stabilize the temperature of the water inside the aquarium, with respect to the temperature outside. In addition, this will also help you check if all the equipment is running efficiently.

After this 24-48 hour waiting time has ended, you may then pour in the Aquasafe conditioner. Approximately 1-2 teaspoons can be poured in for every ten gallons or 38 liters of water in the aquarium. But you do not need to wait to put the fish in, as Aquasafe works in mere seconds. You can immediately add the fish in, but remember to keep them in a plastic container in the aquarium, for about twenty to thirty minutes. This allows the temperature of the water in the plastic container which holds the fish, to stabilize and match the temperature of the water in the aquarium. This in turn enables the acclimation of fish to their new surroundings and environment. After about thirty minutes of the fish floating about in the plastic container, you can release them into the aquarium.

This process applies for partial water changes and replacement as well. If you wish to add in new fish, you may begin introducing new fish after at least 3 or 4 weeks of first setting up the aquarium. You can add in about 1 or 2 fish every week, to allow both the new fish and the old fish in the aquarium to adjust to each other and the new surroundings.

Why Do We Need To Wait For That Long After Using Aquasafe?

The Aquasafe water conditioner helps make tap water safe and viable for fish to survive in, by removing chlorine that may harm the fish’s health, from the aquarium. It enables an enhanced slime coat that minimizes the stress for the fish.

It not only removes chlorine but also protects the plants and fish inside the aquarium against dangerous and toxic substances that may be in the aquarium water. Because of periodical water changes, the fish might experience stress. To reduce this, Aquasafe contains an enhanced vitamin B formula that instantly protects and helps the fish strive in the water.

In addition to chlorine, Aquasafe also instantly neutralizes toxic materials such as copper, lead, chloramine, and zinc, from the tap water, in which they are commonly found. Aquasafe possesses a natural plant extract which safeguards the mucous membranes, gills of the fish, skin, and fins, allowing them to sustain longer in the water. It does so by healing wounds and abrasions on the fish using a slime coating, and optimized colloids.

It also contains iodine, vitamins, and magnesium. Iodine helps increase the vitality of the fish. Magnesium helps the plants and fish in the aquarium grow and develop properly. These elements stimulate the growth and development of the fish, thus encouraging life in the aquarium.

Also, Aquasafe contains natural biopolymers from seaweed extracts. These biopolymers promote the growth of helpful bacteria on the filter. This way, Aquasafe promotes the growth and settlement of bacteria that are useful and beneficial for the aquarium, thus making the water clearer and cleaner. Aquasafe also helps in making the bacterial bed strong and healthy, as it cuts down the pollution in the aquarium.

Aquasafe’s formula is specifically designed to work instantly, which is why there is no waiting time to release the fish afterward.


To conclude, we can understand that since Aquasafe is very chemically advanced, it works instantly when added to the water. This means that you can automatically add in the fish right after you pour in the Aquasafe. Aquasafe can be added with both marine and freshwater fish.

Note that this product merely cleans and dechlorinates the water, it does not act as medication for the fish. Aquasafe must be stored in a dry and cool space, without any direct contact with sunlight, or children.

Aquasafe is one of the most commonly used water conditioners in the U.S., which has been successfully used for over 35 years.



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  1. After reading this, I am convinced that I need to get the Tetra Aquasafe dechlorinator for my aquarium.

  2. The process of adding fish to the aquarium seems a bit complicated, but it’s worth it for their well-being.

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