How Long After Auction Is Settlement (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six weeks

An auction could take place in a rapid manner, where it is very much important to agree with your respective agent for the fore-coming processes on the auction day. According to the law, it is necessary to display documentation before 30 minutes to auction. The process of buying land or a home involves the exchanging of a legal contract.



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Until exchanging the contracts, you can change your decision regarding buying the property. These laws vary depending on the state. Before proceeding with the processes, discuss legal laws with a particular agent. Check the condition of the property at the time of selling it.

How Long After Auction Is Settlement

How Long After Auction Is Settlement? 

The auction process seems to be very interesting, as you have to compete among all bids to get the required property. The auctioneer will set a particular amount where other bids will try to get within the budget as far as possible. Once the auction reaches the reserve price, the property will be sold to the highest bidder. In most cases, where no one is interested to buy it for the reserve price, the auctioneer will ask the seller regarding the negotiation of the price.

When the highest bid is reached, and when the seller is satisfied, the auctioneer will declare it as sold. Usually, the buyer has to pay an initial deposit which is 10% of the price immediately after the auction. The seller declares nearly 6 to 7 weeks as the settlement period.

If you are in hurry to sell a property, it is advised to be flexible during deciding the settlement period as the length should be suitable for the buyer too. The contract is finalized, once it is signed and initial deposits are made. The property gets the tag of “sold” after the remaining amount has been settled to the vendor. 

In the case of rolling settlement, when the trade takes place on a particular day (T), few obligations will be decided on (T+1 day) and the settlement will be on a T+2 basis. During this settlement period, all the holidays, including Saturdays, Sundays, NSE holidays, and bank holidays are considered. When your vendor couldn’t settle the amount within the notice period, you are eligible to end the contract.

Auction30 minutes to 1 hour
Inspection of propertyDepending on the area
Settlement6 to 7 weeks after the auction

Why Does It Take That Long For Settlement After Auction?

The settlement process involves paying the remaining amount apart from the deposit and exchanging the legal documents. While buying a property, settlement is the last step of a property sale where the vendor clears all the necessary settlements and can take all the legal rights on the property.

This settlement period starts right from the moment of signing the contract by both the parties and the range of this is mentioned to the buyer and in most of the cases, it is written in the contract. Usually, the seller has the right to decide the settlement date at his convenience and the period is agreed mutually by both parties. When the buyer has an issue regarding the decided length of settlement, he could opt for other choices.

The exact reason behind this long period for settlement is to conduct the necessary process to terminate the rights of the seller on the property.  Typically, it takes time even after the seller’s approval, as it is important to sign and proceed with all loan documents, and also there is a need to send the documents to the bank for the final review process.

There may be a delay in the process for about a week due to an error or missing required data. If you are preferring for buying off-the-plan, a more complex transaction, try to keep the settlement period as long as possible as there will be many additional requirements. Make sure to check the property before dealing with the seller for the commencement of the settlement period.


It is significantly important to draw a contract of sale before putting a residential property on the market. The contract will consist of all the required information about the land and also a few terms and conditions that you have to agree to. If in the auction, the vendor is not satisfied with the price, the highest bidder could make a conversation for negotiation.

It always takes time to choose the appropriate property as quality and budget also matter. Once you have inspected the property, you are eligible either to suggest a settlement period or agree with the vendor’s decision.


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