How Long After BCAA Should I Eat (And Why)?

How Long After BCAA Should I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: One Hour

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids, and it belongs to the family of amino acids consisting of an aliphatic side-chain that also contains a minimum of one branch. A branch is referred to as carbon in the center, which is bonded to three more carbons in its side. There are two types of BCAA, namely, proteinogenic BCAAs and non-proteinogenic BCAAs.

Proteinogenic BCCAs contain three primary amino acids medically termed isoleucine and leucine, along with valine. These amino acids are also a part of the nine most essential amino acids required for the human body. In contrast, non-proteinogenic BCAAs consist of 2-aminoisobutyric acid. Amino acids are one of the essential constituents of the human body.

How Long After BCAA Should I Eat

How Long After BCAA Should I Eat?

Isoleucine, leucine, and valine comprise more than thirty percent of all the amino acids in our body. The structure of all three of these amino acids contains carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms. Six carbon atoms are present in both leucine and isoleucine, whereas only five carbon atoms are present in valine. Solitary nitrogen is present in all three structures. Two oxygen atoms also contribute to the formation of these three amino acids. The hydrogen atom fills the remaining valences. Studies have shown that leucine and isoleucine are structural isomers of each other. The molar mass of leucine and isoleucine is 131.175 grams per mole, whereas the molar mass of valine is 117.148 grams per mole.

Branched-chain amino acids are responsible for fulfilling various physiologic and metabolic activities in our body. They are responsible for synthesizing the protein in our body and carrying out glucose metabolization inside the body. One of the most critical functions of BCAAs is to transport protein to the brain. BCAAs are also responsible for the proper function of the immune system and the brain.

EventsTime Gap
Eating Before BCAAThree hours
Eating After BCAAOne hour

It is not eaten while taking BCAA. A person can consume the food before BCAA if the time gap is three hours. However, a person must wait for one hour after taking BCAA to eat food.

Why Does It Take That Long After BCAA To Eat?

Amino acids are identified as one of the most critical ingredients for constituting the human body. For adults, it is recommended to consume forty-two milligrams of leucine per kilogram of body weight in one day. The same intake for isoleucine in the case of adults is nineteen milligrams. In contrast, twenty-four milligrams is the required intake of valine. On average, a person who is close to seventy kilograms should consume 2.9, 1.3, and 1.7 grams of the three amino acids daily. It is crucial to maintain the diet of amino acids; otherwise, the person can fall ill, and other diseases might also affect them.

It takes that long after BCAA to eat food because taking BCAA’s while eating foods can stimulate various MPS stimulation in the body faster. In such a case, the balance of the body will get affected, and the person’s immune system will not be able to function correctly. The required quantities of amino acids that must reach several body organs won’t be possible. If food is consumed with it, then amino acids will be synthesized with the food constituents, harming the body. There should be a considerable gap between both BCAA and eating.


BCAA also functions similarly to insulin of the body as it helps in the metabolization of glucose. Amino acids also provide the required amount of energy to the bones and muscles for normal working on the body. If there is a shortage of amino acids in the body, it causes multiple deficiencies, and medical guidance is essential.


Finally, it can be concluded that BCAA is a term used for referring to Branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids are crucial for many body parts and are also responsible for the proper functioning of the body. These amino acids transport the required amount of protein to the brain and metabolize the glucose present in the body.

On average, it is advised to wait for around one hour to eat after taking BCAA. If both BCAA and food are taken together, it can lead to adverse effects on the body and be harmful. It is imperative to contact a medical expert in case of an emergency.


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