How Long Are Seasons In Stardew Valley (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Twenty Eight Days

Stardew Valley is a video game released on the Twenty-sixth of February in 2016. It is a simulating role-playing video game that closely resembles and simulates real-life activities. The game operates in a real-life farming scenario and is inspired by the Harvest Moon video competition sequel.

The Stardew Valley was directed by ConcernedApe and was produced by ConcernedApe and Chucklefish Limited. The age was designed by Eric Barone and has been a huge commercial success. It can be played on various devices including iOS, and Android and is one of the most sought after games dominating the gaming market.

How Long Are Seasons In Stardew Valley

How Long Are Seasons In Stardew Valley?

Seasons In Stardew ValleyLength Of The Seasons
Spring seasonTwenty Eight Days
Summer seasonTwenty Eight Days
Fall seasonTwenty Eight Days
Winter seasonTwenty Eight Days

There are four seasons in the video game, Stardew Valley and together they form a year. Each of these seasons lasts for a period of twenty-eight days and all the seasons are in the same sequence in the game.

All the seasons in the game are sequenced one after another, starting from the spring season, followed by the summer season and the fall season respectively, and ending with the winter season. After the end of the winter season, a new year starts in the game with the restart of the spring season, which marks the completion of a full cycle of the season.

Each season in the game resembles the same as it would be in a real-world scenario. Each season in the game comes with its own style and features. The player needs to play while adjusting to the changing seasons and take decisions accordingly.

Different seasons in the game differ in their number of holidays. While the warm seasons of spring, summer, and fall have two days of holidays each, the cold season of winter has the most number of holidays at five. During these festivals, the residents of the Pelican Town community meet, gather, and interact to win prizes, play games, and do shopping.

Why Are Seasons In The Stardew Valley So Long?

Seasons in the Stardew Valley are supposed to be similar to those experienced in the actual world. Around the globe, spring, sure, fall and winter are the four most common seasons that are felt. Each of these seasons lasts roughly for a period of three months each in a year.

Although a season in a virtual game cannot be made as long as three years or else it will bore its gamers. It is for this reason, that the makers of the game decided to keep a season for only twenty-eight days or a month in Stardew Valley. This helped the game to be more attractive to its customers and did not bore the gamers faster.

The short length of seasons helped maintain the popularity of the game. Since seasons change within a month in the game, this helps to maintain the curiosity of the player. The player is always motivated and looks for the next tasks in the game.

Each season in the game has its unique importance. Each of them is characterized by a different and exclusive set of crops. These crops are farmed in their particular seasons and are not available in any either season. Moreover, the stock of seeds at JojaMart is also different in different seasons. Such a rational outlook towards agriculture has helped to shape the attitude of the millennials towards agriculture.


Each of these seasons lasts for twenty-eight days. All these seasons are sequenced as in a cycle and as the winter season ends, the spring season automatically starts.

During the transition of seasons, crops of the outgoing season start to wither and die if they are not harvested. However, if the crop is also fit to grow in the coming season, it can last. Moreover, during these transitions, farmlands also experience minor disrepair like the presence of minor debris on the field.


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