How Long To Beat Disco Elysium (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 21 Hours

Disco Elysium is amongst the most famous role-playing games available in the world of video gaming. This game has everything a game lover needs, from role-playing to dialogue mechanics to a great back story. The game is famous to the masses because of its immersive gameplay. Also, how the story moves forward with each victory makes the game very exciting.

Due to this, the game has also won many awards like the Games Award for the Best Narrative. Plus, the game also got the Best Achievement story and many more. However, it is a time-consuming game and takes hours to complete.

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How Long To Beat Disco Elysium?

Disco Elysium has been developed and published in the year 2019. It was published by the developer ZA/UM. The game is pretty easy to play and can be played on any device. It can be played on a PC or Playstation, or even Xbox. 

Role-playing video games like Disco Elysium are becoming famous with each passing day. The primary reason is that these games involve a story that a person feels connected to. Since this game can be played for hours, it keeps the person interested for a long time. On average, the game takes about 21 hours to complete. That is considering the game is cleared in a few attempts.

This game was designed by Robert Kravitz. The game even being a role-playing game does not involve combat. However, it includes skill checks and the dialogue mechanics to move forward in the game.

The gameplay involves the player playing the role of a detective. The player needs to use the skills and interact with different non-player characters to move forward and eventually end the game. The gameplay can take more than 20 to 22 hours of play.

There can be a lot of factors that may determine how long Disco Elysium can be played. The maximum time that goes into playing these games, considering all extra games is about 43 hours.

Game TypeTime is taken to complete the game
Main Game21 Hours
Extras (Main story + Extra)30 to 31 Hours
CompletionistUp to 43 Hours
All StylesUp to 31 Hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Disco Elysium?

A role-playing game involves a lot of levels to finally get to the final one. It can make the game go on for hours. Besides clearing the level, there are many other reasons why it takes so long to beat Disco Elysium. The reasons are as follows:

  • The main reason is the gameplay of Disco Elysium. DIfferent gameplay has different stories that need to be completed. The main objective of the Disco Elysium is that players being a detective needs to solve the case. The solving of the case involved a lot of twists and turns to finally reach the final stage. The players can also get stuck in some phases. Due to this, the timing to complete the game can extend further.
  • Another factor that can increase the time for which the Disco Elysium goes on is the type of game that is being played. There are a few extra games that can be played along with the main gameplay.
  • The twist and the turns of the Disco Elysium eventually are a big factor in determining the overall length of the game. 
  • The time to play the game also depends on the player. If the player happens to be new to the game, it will take more time for the player to understand the game and its rules. When it comes to an experienced players, they are well aware of the tactics and hence can complete the game in much lesser time.


Disco Elysium has brought something new to the market that fans are loving. There have been millions downloaded of the game already.

This game lets the player be a detective and solve a murder mystery. This concept does not include combat but skills and tactics. The faster the murder mystery solves the sooner the game ends. A minimum of 20 to 21 hours is needed to complete the game in one go.



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