How Long Do Chiweenies Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Chiweenies Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 To 16 Years

Chiweenies dogs are the breeds of dogs that are smaller in size. They are also known as choxies. Chiweenies were not initially a breed of their own. But a cross between Dachshund and Chihuahua. Hence, they have the miniature built. 

These dogs are sometimes referred to as “Designer Dogs” since they are a mixed breed. Chiweenies are easy to recognize as they have short legs and erect ears. They also have bulging eyes. Some of the Chiweenies can also have short bodies, longer legs, and ears that can be floppy. Since they are mixed breed, they have a lifespan that is longer than the normal breed dogs.

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How Long Do Chiweenies Live?

The lifespan of dogs is different for different breeds of dogs. Some dogs live more than other dogs. On average, a normal dog can be alive for about 10 to 13 years. The lifespan is because of the average size of a dog.

However, when it comes to a mixed breed like the Chiweenies, they tend to outlive the average dog in the neighborhood. It is a common fact, that dogs that are smaller in size have a longer lifespan. It is when compared to the bigger dogs.

Chiweenies being one of the dogs from the smaller size breeds of dog live more than 13 to 15 years. To be specific, Chiweenies are known to have a lifespan of about 12 to 16 years. In some cases, a Chiweenie can live more than 16 years too.

The lifespan of every Chiweenie is also not the same. Some Chiweenie can die young due to health problems or chronic illnesses. There can be many other things like malnutrition or accidents that shorten the overall lifespan of a Chiweenie. 

Since Chiweenies are mixed breeds, they tend to be more prone to many health problems like their ancestors. Hence it is necessary to take immense care of the Chiweenies.

Condition of the ChiweenieLifespan Of Chiweenie
Healthy Chiweenie12 to 16 years
Chiweenie with health problems like Diabetes or SeizuresLess than 16 years

Why Do Chiweenies Live For So Long?

Different dogs will stay alive for different time frames. The case is similar to the breed of dogs called Chiweenies. Many factors will determine the lifespan of Chiweenie, and it is as follows:

  • The primary reason determining the age or lifespan of a dog is its size and stature. Usually, bigger animals live for the longest time. However, the case is different for dogs. In dogs, smaller size dogs are known to live for a longer time contrary to big dogs. In dogs biology, the larger the dog, the faster it ages. Chiweenies are known to be only 6 to 10 inches. Since they are so small, they live almost from 12 to 16 years. That makes them live a good three to four years more than bigger dogs.
  • Another factor determining the lifespan of Chiweenie is its health condition. Chiweenies that are taken care of in a better way will live longer than Chiweenies who are not cared for at all. Since the Chiweenies are designer dogs, they tend to get adopted by wealthy people who can take care of them. That is why, they live more too.
  • Bigger dogs are also prone to get cancer more than smaller dogs. Hence, small dogs like Chiweenies live much longer. 

On the other hand, Chiweenies can contract other diseases. Hence, it becomes necessary to make sure they are healthy and well-kept.


Chiweenies are an ideal pet for people of all ages. The reasons are the apt size, the happy temperament, and personality. It is necessary to keep the Chiweenie healthy by keeping it well-groomed. It will add to their lifespan.

Chiweenies are active dogs that need to be engaged in different activities. Keeping them in the crate will not be a good idea for their growth and development. However, it is also imminent to keep an eye on their activities so that they are not in danger.

Loyal, fun, apt sized, and active, Chiweenies have all the qualities that make it one of the most preferred choices.


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