How Long Do Laxatives Take To Wear Off (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 4 hours

Laxatives are mostly used for treating the issues of constipation. There are many types of laxatives and the working structure would be different for all the types. The laxatives would start losing effectiveness after 16 to 96 hours. The active ingredients in all types of laxatives will be different.

The time the active ingredients take to wear off would determine how long laxatives can take to wear off. There are some laxatives such as emollient that would show their effects for around 96 hours. The half-lives of active ingredients would not be more than 72 hours.

If laxatives contain active ingredients such as lactulose, then the half-life of these active ingredients would not be more than 120 minutes. Saline laxatives can take around 3 hours to show effectiveness. The body type and severity of health problems of a person would make a huge impact on the fading time of laxatives.

How Long Do Laxatives Take To Wear Off


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How Long Do Laxatives Take To Wear Off?

In hours4 hours
In minutes240 minutes

There is no fixed time for predicting when the laxatives would start losing effectiveness. The powerful laxatives would stay for around 16 hours. The emollient laxatives are great for the stool softening process. Docusate is the active ingredient found in emollient laxatives. The emollient laxatives may take around 72 hours to start working.

The emollient laxatives would show their effects for around 3 to 4 days. The bulk-forming laxatives are known for fulfilling the requirements of fibers. The bulk-forming laxatives would help in making bulky and soft stools in humans. The bulk-forming laxatives would form Benefiber which would be great for treating the issues of constipation.

The bulk-forming laxatives contain three active agents and these active agents would take around 72 hours to show their effectiveness. The bulk-forming laxative’s effectiveness would start fading after 2 to 3 days. The lubricants laxatives are good at softening the passage of the stool.

This laxative would help the stool to move smoothly from the passage by holding the moisture in the bowel. Everyone can use mineral oil as an effective lubricant laxative. The lubricant laxatives may show their effects for around 72 hours. There are some laxatives that are known for increasing the fluid amount in the stool.

These laxatives are known as hyperosmotic laxatives which are available in different types and dosages. The main function of many laxatives is to collect the fluid or water content from the nearby tissues inside the body. To treat chronic constipation, experts may recommend taking lactulose laxatives.

The active ingredients in the lactulose laxatives would show great results for chronic constipation. The effects of lactulose laxatives may last for weeks.

Why Do Laxatives Take This Long To Wear Off?

The lasting time of the laxatives depends on their active ingredients. Some active ingredients may last for 3 days while others for 7 days. It depends on the body of the person. People with chronic constipation may have to take strong laxatives which would stay for a long time.

The form of laxatives required for the person would depend on how severe the problem of constipation is. For treating minor constipation issues for the short term, the experts may suggest laxatives such as polymer and saline laxatives.

The doctor may have to insert a medication known as suppositories into the rectum for contracting the bowel’s muscles. The medication suppositories are also helpful for softening the stools and preventing constipation. There are some risks that people can see after taking laxatives.

Side effects such as dehydration, and a decrease in bowel mobility are very common to observe after taking laxatives. Sometimes, the laxatives may start interacting with other medication taken for health problems and may cause repercussions.


Laxatives are not suggested to be used regularly if the doctor has not prescribed them. If people start observing severe side effects of the laxatives, then the person should stop using them. Informing the doctor about any change happening to the body after taking laxatives is vital.

The laxatives for both the short and long term would be different. The person should check with the doctor before taking any type of laxatives. People should follow a proper diet rich in fiber for helping the laxatives work more effectively. Everyone taking laxatives should increase water intake for helping them to provide more fluid to the stools.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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