How Long Do Fordyce Spots Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 weeks

The Fordyce spots happen in the lips and cheeks. These Fordyce spots are not very painful and would not cause harm. In the case of males, the Fordyce spots would occur on the penis. In women, the Fordyce spots would occur in the labia. The Fordyce spots would be mainly white and yellow in appearance.

These are enlarged oil glands which are also known as sebaceous glands. These sebaceous glands are linked with the hair follicles. The healing time of the Fordyce spots is not fixed and they can heal with time. Proper treatment can make the Fordyce spots get treated in just 4 to 6 weeks.

If someone leaves the Fordyce spots without treatment, then there is no fixed time for how long the Fordyce spots would last. Everyone would see Fordyce spots where there is no hair on the skin. These lumps may cluster together in some cases. The Fordyce spots would not be more than 3 millimeters.

If the Fordyce spots happen near the genital area, then they will be red in color.

How Long Do Fordyce Spots Last

How Long Do Fordyce Spots Last?

Fordyce SpotsTime
In weeks4 weeks
In days28 days

If people would stretch the skin where the Fordyce spots occur, then it would make it more noticeable. The lips are the most common site where people may see Fordyce spots. These Fordyce spots may start developing in both sides of the lips in an asymmetric manner.

Most of the time, these Fordyce spots are quite visible, but some people may not see them clearly. Most people will not see any serious symptoms for the Fordyce spots. In some cases, the males may see the Fordyce spots bleeding. The bleeding of Fordyce spots happens when the person is involved in sexual activity.

The Fordyce spots are infectious, and would not cause huge symptoms. It’s quite natural to have Fordyce spots, as they are there in the body since your birth. When the person reaches puberty, then they will be able to see the enlarged form of Fordyce spots.

The enlargement of Fordyce spots happens when hormonal changes happen in the human body. People who have extremely oily skin may see the Fordyce spots staying for a long time. Many experts suggest that the Fordyce spots are linked to colorectal cancer, but not all the time.

People who are suffering from colorectal cancer may see the appearance of Fordyce spots. The Fordyce spots may happen when the person has a high level of fats in their blood. This condition is identified as hyperlipidemia. People who have Fordyce spots may also see the symptoms of hyperlipidemia which can host many heart issues.

People need to understand that all these health risks are associated with the appearance of Fordyce, but these complications are not triggered by them. The lasting time of Fordyce spots would vary depending on why the Fordyce spots occur.

Why Do Fordyce Spots Last This Long?

People who have Fordyce spots on the face area will see them going on their own. If anybody notices the Fordyce spots in the genital area, then it may cause some issues. Therefore, people should inform the doctor about the Fordyce spots if they come on the genital area.

Fordyce spots can be quite confusing as they may look like many other issues. Sometimes, spots may come on the genital due to STD and they are not Fordyce spots. Therefore, it’s always better to get clarity from the doctor about the Fordyce spots. The doctor will take some tissues as a sample to test if they are Fordyce spots or not.

The doctor would use a microscope to know the condition of the Fordyce spots. Generally, Fordyce spots don’t require any type of medication or treatments. In some cases, doctors may ask the patients to do micro-punch surgery or laser treatments. These treatments would help in reducing the appearance of Fordyce spots.


The Fordyce spots can be shrunk or removed with the help of many treatments. It’s always good to give some time to the Fordyce spots to get healed on their own. If anybody sees some serious symptoms then they should consult the expert or doctor at the earliest. As the Fordyce spots may be a symptom of some hidden health issues.

Fordyce spots are not any type of disease. These are results of human anatomy and hormonal changes.



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