How Long is Chain of Memories (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 60 hours

“Kingdom Heart: Chain of Memories” was created as an action role-playing video game in 2004 by Square Enix and Jupiter. This game was the second installment in the “Kingdom Heart’ series. The narrative of the game follows the protagonist Sora and her group of friends in their quest to explore the Oblivion Castle and combat a new enemy.

With this new addition to the series, the developers were able to expand the “Kingdom Heart” world by adding new characters and novel plotlines to the existing narrative. A revamped version of this game was launched in 2007. The updated version was titled “Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories”.

How Long is Chain of Memories

How Long is Chain of Memories

The length of the “Kingdom Heart: Chain of Memories” will be determined by the pace of a gamer as well as his unique gaming style. A fast-paced gamer will be able to complete the chain of memories in a shorter time span as compared to one who takes time to explore the various aspects of the game.

Approaching the game will a ‘credits roll’ perspective will enable a player to complete the game much faster. Such an individual will be able to complete the game in merely 18.5 hours. Alternatively, playing the game with a ‘completionist’ agenda will result in a prolonged game time of 36.5 hours. The ‘intermediary’ player will successfully complete the “Chain of Memories” in approximately 29 hours.

These stated time frames of completing the game are based on the established narrative introduced by the 2004-version of the game. Several changes have been made in the narrative of the updated version of the game. This version serves as a conduit of association between the first and second installments of the series. Therefore, it is much more detailed than its predecessor.

Again gaming styles will determine the time taken by individual players to complete this new and improved version of “Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories”. For a ‘credits roll’ player, it will take approximately 23.5 hours to complete the entire game. While for a hardcore ‘completionist’, the game will be finished in a matter of almost 60 hours. As for an ‘intermediary’ player, 32 hours will suffice to navigate through the whole narrative of the game.

In Summary:

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Gaming Styles)Time Taken to Complete the Game
Credits Roll18.5 hours
Intermediary29 hours
Completionist36.5 hours
Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (Gaming Styles)Time Taken to Complete the Game
Credits Roll23.5 hours
Intermediary32 hours
Completionist60 hours

Why is Chain of Memories This Long?

Upon summary analysis, it is clear that the original “Chain of Memories” version is much shorter than the updated “Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories” version. For a ‘credits roll’ player, the objective remains to traverse through the main storyline of the game. In the case of “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”, this remains centered around the narratives of Sora and Riku. On average, completing each of these storylines will hardly take a player 19 hours.

Contrarily, the intermediary gamer wants to do more than simply encountering the main narrative plot. Thus, he engages in the various card-based combative battles the game has to offer. This prolongs the game time of the player.

A completionist explores all the diverse arenas offered by the narrative of the game. Thus, he spends time exploring the Castle Oblivion, encountering the Disney characters, etc. These engagements significantly increase the length of the game. Skipping the Disney scenes altogether may be a prudent choice for those seeking to truncate the total gaming time needed to finish “Chain of Memories”.

Moreover, in the updated version of the game, the overall time taken to complete the “Chain of Memories” for all gaming styles is longer than the earlier version because there are additional battles added to the new narrative. It promises gamers an entirely new gaming experience. Thus, the “Chain of Memories” is no longer in the update.

The game-play pace of each individual gamer and the choices they make in the course of the game will also affect the total time taken to complete “Chain of Memories”.


“Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories” is a popular game in the “Kingdom Hearts” franchise of action role-playing games. The various modes of the game make the combative battles included in the narrative much more intriguing for avid gamers.

Gamers are always looking to establish legendary gaming time frames. This has been the case with both the original version of the “Chain of Memories” as well as the revamped one launched later. However, it is now universally accepted that the updated version will cost a player a longer game time duration to be completed than the original version of the game.


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