How Long Is Luigi's Mansion 3 (And Why)?

How Long Is Luigi’s Mansion 3 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 13 Hours In Length  

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a third-person action-adventure game, and it is the sequel to Luigi’s Mansion 2. The game is available on the Nintendo Switch platform, and it was successful.

This game offers an engaging storyline about Luigi, who gets to explore a hotel with different floors of different ghosts.

The protagonist, Luigi, must explore the different floors in the hotel and has to solve puzzles along the way. Along with ghosts that want to stop him from completing his task, he also has to deal with Boss.


How Long Is Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Luigi’s Mansion 3Duration 
Main Story10h 21m
Main + Extras13h 15m

Luigi’s Mansion 3, available on the Nintendo Switch exclusive, was announced as one of the company’s hottest upcoming titles.  

The game is about 13 hours long. Further, because Luigi’s Mansion 3 has so much to do, there are so many secrets to find. There are so many side activities to undertake in the different sections of the hotel that players have come up with all sorts of estimates for how long it takes to beat everything. 

Achieving 100% of completion may take up to 20 hours in length, while a rushed game may take only 13 hours to complete. The storyline happens in a hotel that consists of 17 floors, and each floor has different settings and themes with a variety of ghosts. 

It also includes a boss ghost which might be a little tougher to defeat and move forward. The only restriction for the game is that players cannot move forward to the rest of the hotel floors through elevators unless they press the button that allows access.

By solving various puzzles on different floors, players can easily find treasures and even find a bag containing hundreds of coins. Although League can easily find a heart to restore the health lost, the player needs to look out for environmental hazards.

Also, the game’s multiplayer mode offers 8 persons to play the game, and they can also engage in cooperative gameplay. There are also new kinds of attacks to keep up with the enemy attacks.

Why Would Luigi’s Mansion 3 Be So Long?

Nintendo has a tradition of adding more content to their final games in a series, building towards a grand finale in the latest installment. Luigi’s Mansion 2 had an entirely new story, while the 3rd one is set in hotels with 17 floors.

This is why it takes 13 hours to complete, and that too if one skips a lot of content. 

Also, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is that long because of the many levels, minigames, and bosses in the game. Ever since Luigi’s Mansion 2 came out with a more linear design, some people wanted to go back to the original gameplay style.

The plot for the game is that Luigi has been invited to the last resort, a high-rise hotel. However, Luigi finds himself alone at the hotel after settling in and seems to be haunted by ghosts on each floor.

The game then continues with Luigi finding the evil hotel owner’s trap and escaping all the attacks. He can find treasures and gems on each floor but cannot travel to another floor through an elevator unless he hits a button that allows it.

There are many new characters and features available in the new game, unlike its predecessor, which may be why it is so long. Overall, Luigi has to defeat the Kind Boos with the help of Gooigi.

Depending on how much money Lugie collects during his adventure, a new hotel will be built as the current one faces destruction.


The game is rated good for everyone and should take the average player 13 hours to complete. Luigi’s Mansion 3 features a co-op mode to play with friends or family, but it requires at least two players. There are no reported glitches so far in this Nintendo Switch exclusive title, and gamers love it.

Overall, the game has received many favorable reviews, and people like the way Gooigi enters to aid Luigi. Many people even felt it was one of the best adventures for the hero and are hoping for a new game release every three years.


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