How Long To Grill Salmon (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 to 15 Minutes

Grilled salmon is a popular dish that is consumed widely during the summers. Generally, it takes around 10-15 minutes to grill a salmon. The time can be more or less depending on the method used to grill the salmon.

The requirements of ingredients for making a grilled salmon are pretty basic. The perfect technique and adequate time are the two important aspects when it comes to making a delicious grilled salmon. The time must not be cut down when grilling a salmon, it will only reduce its taste.

The salmon which is used for making the grilled salmon is also crucial in determining the taste of the grilled salmon. The fish bought must be fresh and not too old to make sure that the salmon grilled is perfect.

Setting the flame right is also of importance when grilling a salmon. If the flame is set on too high it will not reduce the time for cooking the salmon but instead burn the salmon and make its taste bad.

The grill must be preheated before placing the salmon on it. Using charcoal will provide the salmon with an extra smoky and natural taste. Electric grills are also popular for grilling salmon. But it is recommended to use charcoal for grilling salmon for a nice flavor.

How Long To Grill Salmon


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How Long To Grill Salmon?

The average time for grilling salmon can range between 10-15 minutes. This time can be influenced by the size of salmon, the method used for grilling the salmon, and also the intensity of the flame.

For the enhanced taste of grilled salmon, it is important to use the right ingredients for its marination. Also, it is crucial to oil the salmon before putting it on the grill, to avoid the dryness of the salmon.

Keeping the lid on the grill while grilling the salmon will result in thorough cooking of the salmon and also provide it with an extra smoky flavor. Flipping the salmon at the right time to make sure that the salmon is grilled on both sides and cooked completely.

The grill must also be oiled to avoid the sticking of salmon. While flipping, it is vital to be careful to avoid the breaking of the salmon. A salmon that is oiled and a grill that is not dry should not cause any problems of the salmon sticking.

Salmons cook fast as compared to other dishes. So, it becomes crucial to not leave the salmon unattended to avoid its burning. Unlike, other dishes which are grilled, salmon takes very little time.

The time for cooking salmon is also dependent on the thickness of the salmon, and also the temperature/heat of the grill. Setting the heat right is important to ensure the perfect cooking of the salmon.


Method Of GrillingTime Taken
Electric Grill10 Minutes
Charcoal Grill10 to 15 Minutes
Gas8 to 10 Minutes

Why Does It Take That Long To Grill Salmon?

Patience is key when it comes to grilling salmon. The salmon must be kept for adequate time on the grill to ensure that it is cooked properly. The main ingredient for making a perfect grilled salmon.

The spices used for the marination of the salmon should be authentic and natural to enhance its taste even more. While cooking on charcoal it is essential to keep an eye on the flame and make sure that the heat is constant and not fluctuating.

The salmon if frozen should be allowed to defrost completely before beginning the process of grilling. This will ensure that the salmon is cooked perfectly and will enhance its taste further.

It is better to remove the salmon from the grill when a person thinks it is done to make sure that it is not burnt. If the salmon is uncooked it is possible to put it back on the grill but if it is burnt, there is no way back.


It is crucial to let the salmon cook with a closed lid to give it a natural taste and smoky flavor, by cooking in its smoke. The marination of the salmon should also be perfect to make it tasty.

The salmon when on the grill should be attended to continuously and a watch should be kept on the temperature to avoid overcooking or burning of the fish.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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