How Long After Eruption Are The Roots Fully Formed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3.5 Years

Tooth formation takes time since the birth of a child. It is natural that a baby born will not have a full set of teeth but they are formed as they grow. The first set of teeth that are formed are temporary or milk teeth and soon they fall off naturally.

However, the formation of full primary dentition may take about three and a half years as the development of the roots are completed of the second deciduous molars occurs to the child at the age of 3 years.

How Long After Eruption Are The Roots Fully Formed

How Long After Eruption Are The Roots Fully Formed?

Time taken for a tooth to grow after the eruptionIt could take about as long as 6 months.
Time taken for the root to be formed completelyChildren reaching the age of 12 will develop complete root development.

The genetic conditions of a baby play a major role in the formation of teeth. However, environmental factors play a minor role in the formation of teeth. Studies and researches have shown that more than 300 genes are either associated or they are responsible for the development and formation of the tooth.

The majority of mammals replace their teeth once in their life and they do not replace any teeth. Often parents are worried about the growth of teeth in their child because there is a huge time gap before the next tooth erupts.

Once the baby tooth has fallen off it could take a maximum time of six months before the permanent tooth starts to appear about the development of their child’s teeth. Sometimes the time could vary from one child to another and this is why parents become concerned about the development of their child’s teeth.

Eruption Are The Roots Fully Formed

In case your concern about your child’s teeth development is concerning you a lot then you should take your child for a dentist visit and make sure that whether the condition is normal or abnormal. In most cases, children grow teeth naturally and there is nothing that should concern the parents.

Why Does It Take That Long After Eruption For The Roots To Form?

Formation of roots after eruption takes some time and it may take even longer for some children. However, there should be nothing to worry about because things like these take time. Make sure your child is seen by a dentist once in a while to make sure there are no complications.

Parents should also know about why the teeth in their child are taking some time to develop and there could be various or several reasons for it. Most of the common ones include a lack of space between two teeth in your baby’s mouth.

However, there might be a solution to each type of situation and it is advised to show or consult about the problem with a dentist. The dentist might be able to give your child permanent treatment before it is too late because formation will occur properly if your child gets proper treatment.

Eruption Are The Roots Fully Formed

Formation of roots is important once the baby teeth fall off. The third molars will develop when the child becomes about 18-21 years of age and during this time your mouth will still be in the developing process. Soon, all the teeth would be developed and the formation of roots would be completed.

Baby teeth also get roots similar to adult or permanent teeth in adults. The roots in the baby’s teeth are present under the gums and they are ready to burst onto the scene. Whenever the milk tooth erupts then the roots present underneath it hold on to the jawbone.


Tooth formation should not only be taken care of carefully but it should be done naturally too. Often most kids are seen with different conditions for which they have to undergo surgery to have a permanent solution. But, that should not be the case because the formation of teeth is very important as it gives an overall look of your facial structure.

If you have a newly born child at your home or you are a newly –become a parent then you should make sure that there are no complications for the tooth development in your child once he grows.


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