How Long After Take BP Meds To Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 hours

BP is a commonly used medical abbreviation by doctors that connotes blood pressure levels in a patient. High BP is an extremely precarious condition that many patients suffer from. It is also known as hypertension. Patients who suffer from high BP levels are prescribed medications to regulate it.

It is important to diligently take the BP medication according to the prescribed dosage and during the correct time of the day to manage this notorious health condition. The time of the day you select to take your medication may have an effect on the salience of the drug and its ability to control your high BP levels.

How Long After Take BP Meds To Work

How Long After Taking BP Meds To Work?

When the blood pressure of a patient becomes more than the normal limit-120/80, it is known as hypertension. Patients suffer from allied ailments that are caused due to high BP levels. Managing this lifelong condition can be daunting.

For a patient suffering from mild hypertension, his or her blood pressure levels will be around 140/90. In such cases, doctors may prescribe medicines that can help bring the BP levels of the individual back within the normal level. These medicines are effective within 3 days to 3 weeks. This implies that the outcome of these meds will become visible from the 3rd day of dosage, but the long-term change will set in at the 3-week mark.

On the other hand, there may also be patients who suffer from a more severe form of hypertension. In such cases, their BP levels can be as high as 180/120. This number indicates a need to rapidly drop the BP to avoid stark consequences. Thus, a different set of medicines can be given by the doctor in question to rapidly lower the BP levels of the patient.

These meds work to lower a patient’s BP within the first 5 to 15 hours of ingestion. They work swiftly to reduce BP levels and show tangible results. However, after this course is over, the patient must be given the long-term BP meds that will help him or she manage the condition in the long run.

The kind of medicine prescribed to a patient will depend on his or her diagnosis by a medical professional and the consequent lab test results. The doctor in charge will decide the best course of treatment for the individual to effectively manage hypertension.

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In Summary:

Type of HypertensionWaiting Time For The Meds To Work
Mild Hypertension3 days to 3 weeks
Severe Hypertension15 hours

Why Does It Take So Long For BP Meds To Work?

Lowering a patient’s BP levels is not a streamlined and straightforward task. Several factors have to be considered by the doctor in charge so as to prescribe meds that would be deemed most appropriate given the specific parameters of the patient.

To this end, when the patient in question suffers from a mild form of hypertension, it allows the doctor more time to understand which medicine will work better for this particular patient. The pressure on the arterial walls of the individual is not extremely high. Thus, the danger of a rupture or a stroke is not very high. In these cases, a slower med is prescribed that will regulate the blood pressure slowly without destabilizing the whole system.

Doctors prescribe meds that reduce the chances of arterial wall rupture for patients with severe hypertension. This is because the pressure on the walls of the vessels is too high. These meds help reduce BP at once to stop the body from crashing.

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Medicines work differently and become effective within a different time frame for various patients because of the dissimilarities in their body composition and chemistries. It may take a medicine some time to be absorbed and distributed throughout the bloodstream. Moreover, the chemicals in the medicine may also need some time to activate themselves once absorbed into the bloodstream.

Therefore, a patient has to wait for a few hours before he or she can feel better after taking BP meds. Again, the long-term effects of the drug in regulating one’s blood pressure will only be visible after a few weeks-once the body has adjusted itself to the chemicals in the drug.


High blood pressure is one of the most common medical conditions that a large number of patients suffer from across the globe. Hypertension has been linked to several other serious illnesses like circulatory problems, strokes, irregular heart rhythm, etc. It is important to manage hypertension through daily medication.

Doctors prescribe different medicines to regulate a patient’s BP. Although most BP meds start working within 5 to 15 hours of being ingested, the long-term effect of these medicines may take some more time to be truly visible. It can take up to 3 weeks to effectively lower BP levels in a patient through these medicines.



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