How Long Do Sloths Sleep (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 18 hours

The sloths are considered the slowest mammals in the world. The sloths can sleep up to 18 hours continuously in the whole day. The sloths would lumber for around 6 to 9 hours through the trees. The body temperature of the sloths is quite low as compared to other mammals or animals.

The body temperature of the sloths would be around 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Some sloths may sleep for around 15 hours a day. There are many reasons why the sloths can sleep for 15 to 18 hours continuously. The most common reason is that sloths get bored and they don’t have any activity to do.

As they are quite slow, this makes them sleep for hours together without doing anything. Some sloths would sleep if they are not going to search for food or any items to eat. The sloths are also found to sleep for hours together when they are not at the risk of predators. The life of sloths is quite slow and they are not active at all.

How Long Do Sloths Sleep

How Long Do Sloths Sleep?

In hours18 hours
In minutes1080 minutes

The sloths have many impressive features that people should learn about. The long sleep hours of the sloths make them quite lazy. The sloths can digest the whole avocados that are not possible by many of the mammals. The sloths are extremely strong mammals.

The sloths are quite stronger than the humans. Sloths can lift themselves easily just with one arm which takes a lot of effort. The muscles mass of the sloths is quite less as compared to the other mammals present in the world. The sloths save a lot of energy by hanging in the trees for a long time when they are not sleeping.

Age is a very big factor that can affect the sleeping time of sloths. The sloths who are older may not be very active all the time and this would make them sleep for around 18 hours. The sloths with health problems or weaknesses would maintain a long sleeping window.

The sloths who are young and active would not sleep for more than 10 to 15 hours. Sometimes, habits play a vital role in predicting how long sloths can sleep. Many sloths maintain a habit of sleeping for long hours. Some sloths don’t sleep for long hours since their childhood.

If the sloths are not getting enough food, then they may sleep for more than 15 hours due to less energy. The sloth is known for its strange bathroom habits. The sloths are not found to poop regularly as they would poop once a week. The sloths cannot see in the daylight or bright light as they lack cone cells in their eyes.

Why Do Sloths Sleep For This Long?

The sloths are quite slow on land as compared to water. They can’t be found doing much activity on the land. The only thing they can do for a long time is to sleep on land. The sloth doesn’t have a high metabolic rate. Therefore, a sloth would take around one month to digest a single leaf.

The slow nature and activity of sloths are also visible in their sleeping routine. The sloths love to save their energy and this is a big reason why people would not find them doing physical activities for a long duration. To save energy, the sloths keep their body temperature extremely low.

The digestive system of sloths becomes very slow if they live in cold places. The sloths would not get injured easily as they are extremely strong physically. This is the reason why sloths can’t get injured even if they fall from heights. The fungi found in the fur of the sloths can make them extremely beneficial for the treatment of people with cancer.

The sloths don’t like to do a lot of activities as they are known for their slow speed.


The sloths can sleep for 15 to 18 hours. Some sloths may sleep around 10 hours. The age, habits, and health conditions of the sloths would make a huge impact. These slow mammals are quite strong physically but need rest to save energy.

The digestive system of the sloths is very weak, and this can be a reason why the sloths have no high level of energy.



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