How Long Do Vape Coils Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 To 2 Weeks

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Drugs can be taken in many ways. Though drugs are still illegal in many countries, they are still sold in silence. When drugs are administered properly, they do have positive effects on people, but when overdosed, the consequences might be severe.

Some people ingest drugs in solid forms, while some take it in form of liquids, and gases. Cannabis, which is comparatively the most popular drug in the world, is now made chewable, but they are also sold in an old-fashioned way, like cigarettes, powders, and oils that can be applied. E-liquids are used in atomizers, and this process of intaking cannabis is called vaping since the drug goes inside in the form of vapor.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

The lifespan of vape coilsTime
The minimum lifespan of vape coils is1 week
The maximum lifespan of vape coils is2 weeks
It is better to change vape coils every7 days

In vaping, an atomizer is used and it consists of many components. One of them, probably the main component, is the coil. Without the coil, one cannot inhale the smoke. It is also important that a person should replace the coil often if they use vape often since there is fire involved and it must be replaced considering many other reasons.

The atomizer is the device which is used to vape drugs, where the cannabis e-liquid is burnt and the smoke evolving from it is smoked through it. Though it is easier to smoke cannabis in form of cigarettes, many prefer vaping because flavors can be added to the e-liquid. A good coil is very important in an atomizer for the vapor to come out perfect.

When there is a good coil in the vaporizer, the taste will be fresh, which is the actual taste of the e-liquid, but if the coil is bad, the taste will be bitter, dry, and burnt, and that is not what a person expects when tasting e-liquid.

The atomizer head consists of a thin spiral wire, and also a wicking material which is normally cotton. These two components make the coil, and there is also a theory about how a coil works. The head of the atomizer is connected to a battery and power generated heats up the battery.

Why Do Vape Coils Last That Long?

After the wire heats up, the wicking material gets heated up along with it. The wick will be completely soaked in e-liquid and when the wire heats up, the e-liquid gets vaporized and that’s what a person inhales. The e-liquid will be inhaled by the consumer in the form of vapor.

The reason many people choose vaping is that, when some vape, they can feel the effects immediately, and also, they tend to wear off sooner. The effects come in quick and strong. There are various kinds of vaping coils.

The coil a person chooses depends on various factors, like the type of device, and the type of vaping experience they want to indulge in. Some coils create a large amount of vapor, while some produce a saturated and intense, yet less amount of vapor.


The life of the coil also depends on many factors, like the type, their quality, how often they are used, and how well they are maintained.

When the vaping coil is maintained properly, the e-liquid will taste fresh and good, and if not, the taste will be altered. It is also very easy to maintain a vaping coil. Maintaining vaping coils is better than buying new ones regularly and wasting money.

Normally, the coils last for one to two weeks, but some people say it is better to change them once a week if the person vapes regularly. How long a coil lasts also depends on the type of e-liquid used, the type of device, and more importantly, how often a person uses them.


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