How Long Does An Alternator Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5- 8 years

The alternator keeps the battery charged continuously by providing it power. It produces an alternating current which is transformed to direct current to provide energy to the battery. All the gadgets inside the car run smoothly with the help of an alternator. It is simply accountable for the functioning of the electrical system of the vehicle.

On average alternator could last for seven years (80,000 to 150,000 miles). The durability of the alternator also depends upon the quality and manufacturing of the alternator. The overall operation status of the alternator has also a huge impact on its life expectancy.

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How Long Does An Alternator Last?

The alternator mainly consists of three different parts – rotor, stator, and housing. The serpentine belt turned by the engine helps the pulley in twirling on the alternator. That is how the electrical flow of energy is generated. The rotating part in the alternator performs by the rotor and the stator is the stationary part that does not rotate.

Every vehicle has its particularly designed alternator depending upon the demand of the engine of the vehicle.The alternator functioning process follows the principle of electromagnetic induction. The part of the alternator rotates and produces alternating current.

It completely justifies the working principle of the alternator. It is necessary to take all the red flags seriously provided by your vehicle. The speed of the alternator depends upon the output of the current.

If the current flow is diminished then the speed of the alternator will automatically be modified. When the alternator functions with low speed then its efficiency starts dropping automatically and vice-versa.

Several factors can impair an alternator like when the serpentine belt gets loose or over tightened, parts of the alternator are covered with dirt and dust. Check the condition of your alternator timely, it will help in driving it for a long time.It is difficult to predict the exact life outlook of the alternator.

Alternators Last DurationRange
On Average5-8 years60,000- 100,000 miles
Expectations6-10 years80,000- 150,000 miles

Why Does An Alternator Last So Long?

The alternator is one of the essential parts of the car which supplies power to the battery for running in-built devices. It is also known as the Power Source of vehicles. It is located at the front of your vehicle’s engine.

The durability of the alternator depends upon many factors. Several things decide the lifespan of the alternator. Maintenance plays an important part in the long-running of the alternator.

Frequent checking of the alternator could increase its durability. The alternators work by moving constantly. In that situation, the dirt gets to settle down in it. Dirt and unwanted substances can reduce its running power.

For maintaining the life shell of the alternator, clean it and remove all the dirt from it. Keeping a timely check is the only way to enhance its running for long period. If there is no necessity, turn off the items like air conditioner, charging point, music system and other gadgets which runs with the access of it.

Don’t drain the battery unnecessarily. Your vehicle will show certain symptoms when the alternator is not good in functioning. Take those indications seriously and fix them.

Burning smell from the engine, outcast sound from the vehicle’s engine, fluctuation in the headlights, etc these are some implications of a failing alternator. If it is required, replace the old alternator with a new one.


The car owner has faced this issue at least once in their lives. Trouble in the battery or engine of the car indicates the fallen life of the alternator. Without an alternator, the engine will not work including other electrical gadgets. In simple words, the alternator is a generator that provides electrical energy to the battery by transforming the mechanical one.

It acts as the emperor of the car which provides sufficient power to the different components of the car to function. It also lasts longer than the batteries of the cars. Vehicles which provide good range are more likely to have long-lasting alternators.



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