How Long After OOT Is TP (And Why)?

Exact Answer: More Than 100 Years

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, also abbreviated as OOT, is an action-cum-adventure game which loved by the majority. OOT is the 5th main installment in the Legend of Zelda series after its predecessor the Link’s Awakening, the successor being the Majora’s Mask. OOT is the first 3D installment of the entire series of the Legend of Zelda.

Ocarina of Time is considered to be one of the most successful video games of all time. It is widely loved for its role-playing and engaging mysteries, puzzles, deep story, and interesting gameplay.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, also abbreviated as TP, is also a game belonging to the same series of OOT i.e the Legend of Zelda. This game is also widely acclaimed and has also received the game of the year award for its unprecedented popularity. This was the best-selling Zelda game until it was overtaken by Breath of the Wild.

How Long After OOT Is TP

How Long After OOT Is TP?

How long Is Twilight Princess after OOT?More than 100 years
How long is Breath of the Wild after OOT?More than 10000 years

The Legend of Zelda series has numerous parts each of which is vividly engaging and exciting. The entire franchise is a high fantasy video game wherein both action and adventure are top-notch. This gaming series is a blend of several puzzles, action, battle, and exploration.

Certain elements of the game remain constant throughout the series while some keep on changing in every sequel. The games are set in a timeline that enables the player to have a thorough experience of the Zelda universe and enjoy the games in this series to their fullest.

Every game in the series is in some or the other way connected to the other games in the series. Likewise, Twilight Princess is set in a timeline that is more than 100 years after the Ocarina of Time. Thus, the time gap between both is about a century.

The entire Zelda timeline is undoubtedly a convoluted web of plot threads as, after all, it is a fantasy action-cum-adventure game, but it can not be denied that Twilight Princess takes place after a hundred or more years after OTT. The Legend of Zelda is notoriously famous for its multiple universes spread across a large timeline and the duration between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess serves as a good example of this.

Why Is TP So Long After OOT?

It is widely debated that Twilight Princess is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, as this is not readily apparent by playing through both titles despite both belonging to the same gaming series. There are various scenes and instances which suggest the same that TP took place at least a century after OOT.

One of the many things that support this is that the final scene of Ocarina of Time is the backstory of Twilight Princess. Also, there are gaming characters like Ganondroff from Twilight Princess who is the same person as the one gamers encountered in Ocarina of Time, only after is somehow escaped the Twilight Realm with Zant’s assistance.

It is extremely hard to deny how much the Twilight Princess references to the Ocarina of Time despite being set a century apart. Both these games have more references than any other game in the series. This in turn helps in creating a stronger sense of continuity between both games making the entire series even more interesting to play.

Not just this, Twilight Princess incorporates Ocarina of Time’s story structure to the T. Thus, despite being separate games and TP taking place a century after OOT, both the games complement the main series extremely well.


The Legend of Zelda series is one such gameplay series that is well-known for its complicated timelines. Even the creators of the game are interviewed several times to shed some light on this matter. However, even after numerous clarifications and discussions, some timelines remain difficult to explain, one being how long after OOT is TP.

With the timing of Ganondrof’s execution and his taking over the Twilight Realm, one could say that the time gap between TP and Ocarina of time is rough of about 100 years. OOT, in the end, breaks into two major timelines, one being the adult link and the other being the child link.

Twilight Princess takes place as the future of child link after about 100 or more years after the Ocarina of Time and thus, there exists a time gap of at least a century between both OOT and TP.



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