How Long Would Chicken Curry Last In Fridge (And Why)?

How Long Would Chicken Curry Last In Fridge (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Maximum of 4 days

However, among all of them, most of the likes fall in favor of chicken. No doubt mutton is everybody’s priority when it comes to adults. But chicken has the hearts of every youth and adult out there.

Especially when the smell of chicken curry brushes with our nostrils, it feels heavenly. For the die-hard fans, the smell of curry itself is a hangover. The wings, leg piece, thighs, breast, even if a chicken lover reads these words, his eyes would be filled with an image of roasted chicken by now.

How Long Would Chicken Curry Last In Fridge

How Long Would Chicken Curry Last In Fridge?

Area of storageTime
In fridge2-4 days
In freezer6 days

It is overall estimated that a chicken curry would sustain up to four days in the fridge. Using an airtight container is preferred most of the time. Now, of course, the taste of the curry would fade slowly with the passing of days.

But somehow, it will be within a state of feeding until the fourth day. When the fourth day is down, it is advisable to get rid of that curry. Even though it would be consumable, the curry would have lost its aura. Hence if one couldn’t finish the curry within four days, next time, try a lesser quantity.

There’s a way to detect the depth of quality in the curry. After taking the curry out of the fridge, check the odor of it thoroughly. What follows, then, is the texture. Try to check the consistency of the curry with the fingers.

Chicken Curry

If the curry has taken up a weird sticky thickness, then it has already lost its quality. However, when consumed, one could have a terrible time with their stomach.

Whatever the food item may be, one looks up to the fridge to increase its consumption span. Be it veg or non-veg, raw or cooked, boiled or soaked. The same is the case with the chicken curry.

Why Would Chicken Curry Last So Long In Fridge?

What makes the curry unhealthy to consume is the bacterial growth. Therefore to slow down this growth of bacteria in the curry, one prefers to store it in the fridge. It would comparably slow down the bacterial growth if not completely stop it.

It is best to leave the chicken at room temperature for a minimum of two hours before placing it in the fridge. However, storing the curry in the refrigerator doesn’t help get rid of the bacterial problem wholly. It just slows down their growth.

Despite the low temperature, bacterias can still increase their mass. After that, the curry should be consumed to completion within four days. Some house makers also tag their dishes with dates to keep a record of their consumable words.

Chicken Curry

Now beyond the fridge’s capability, there is an inbuilt compartment that goes by the name deep-freeze or freezer. It works the same, just that the temperature is the lowest in the freezer. Now the thing with bacteria is that they become inactive in lower temperatures.

The freezer has a shallow temperature, even lower than the fridge environment. So to further add on some days to the smoky, mouth-watering chicken curry, one can place it in the freezer only if one thinks that it cannot be consumed within four days.


Like every product in the market, food items also have an expiry date even if stored in the fridge. Now the expiry date may vary concerning the food item. Every item is placed with one motive in the fridge i.e., to increase its eating span. That is possible by reducing bacterial growth in such low-temperature conditions.

A collection of factors come into play while storing the food item in the fridge. Take it out for reheating. Even though an article in the refrigerator stays consumable for a longer time, it takes something in exchange.

The longer a food stays in the fridge, the more its taste diminishes. That doesn’t mean one should stop doing this. The process of reheating helps bring the food back to life, but not thoroughly thought at least up to a considerable amount, where our stomach would thank us.



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  1. Chicken curry and its smell are unforgettable. The article neglects to touch on the taste of mutton curry.

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