How Long Does Balayage Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 hours

The freehand colouring technique or balayage would take around 3 hours. The effects of balayage would be natural and less harsh to the hair of a person. In this colour painting method, the foil is not used at all. The effects of balayage would be smoother and softer compared to normal foil highlighting methods.

The balayage would work pretty well over the existing colour. In balayage, the highlights would be applied from the mid-lengths of the hair and the balayage could be done to hide the grey hair of the person. People who have never tried hair colouring can go for balayage for giving their hair a better look and appearance.

How Long Does Balayage Take

How Long Does Balayage Take This Long?

In hours3 hours
In minutes180 minutes

The balayage would take around 3 hours, or less depending on the sections of your hair to be covered. The number of highlights and the type of color used would make a huge influence on the time taken for balayage. If someone is going for normal highlights, then it would not take more than 45 to 60 minutes.

If someone is willing to do layered highlights, then the time would be around 2 to 3 hours. The hair condition of the person would predict the time required for the balayage procedure. Some people may get their hair highlighted in 45 minutes, whereas others would take around 60 minutes for normal highlights.

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The expert or salon professional would tell you the exact time that would be required for the balayage. Some salon experts may ask the person for getting a good haircut to make the balayage look better. The right hue should be chosen for the balayage, as it would save time.

If someone is getting balayage and hair cut done together, then it would take around 3 hours. If a person is going for balayage without a haircut, then it would take around 1 hour depending on the balayage style to be done. The type of salon chosen by the person would also make a huge impact on the time length of the balayage.

Some salons may do the balayage with many steps for meeting the professional standards, and this may take more time. The normal salons may not take more than 2 hours for layered balayage.

Why Does Balayage Take This Long?

The balayage time would depend on what kind of hairstyle someone has. If someone has a very difficult layer or feather cut, then the time would increase. If someone is trying to do the balayage at home, then the time would be more.

As the person with no experience may have to spend more time understanding each and every step of balayage perfectly. If you go to an expert, then it would be a better choice for getting perfect results of balayage. The quality of color used would also influence the time required for balayage.

Top-quality colors are best for preventing hair damage and getting perfect highlights. People should avoid using low-quality colors for balayage as it would destroy the quality of hair and would affect the results of balayage. People would not have to spend a lot of time and money for maintaining the effects of balayage.

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If the hair of the person would be in good condition before the balayage procedure, then the procedure would not take much time. People with unhealthy hair may face difficulties in getting the shiny and smooth effects of balayage.

Therefore, the Salon expert would take more time to treat the hair before the balayage procedure, so that the hair would come out smoother and shiner after balayage.


The balayage is one of the best procedures that you can do to your hair for getting beautiful highlights. People should ask hair professionals or experts for knowing the suitable shampoo and conditioner for maintaining the balayage effects for a long time.

People with long hair may have to spend more time in the salon for getting the balayage done. People with very little hair may have to spend around 1 to 2 hours getting the balayage done.



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