How Long to Grill Burgers (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-4 Minutes

Burgers can be both grilled on a gas grill or a charcoal grill, however, a charcoal grill provides it the exact smoky taste and charred texture, which one expects from a burger patty. While using a gas grill one must make sure to set the grill too high, on the other hand using a charcoal grill one would need to heat the coals until they glow bright orange.

One would know just when to flip the patty once the liquid starts pooling on the uncooked surface. The party should look golden brown with crisp surfaces after grilling. It’s about personal preference but the patty should be lightly brushed with oil, although it’s not a necessary step as the fat from the patty provides enough greasing yet it’s useful to some extent, especially when it’s low-fat meat.

How Long to Grill Burgers

How Long to Grill Burgers?

If a person knows the art, burgers could be the easiest and the most convenient quick snack to make. The question is how to get the burger to be both juicy and crispy at the same time? The answer lies in the way of grilling the patty and the time one should provide to make it almost perfect.

In cooking, or in any art form for that matter, timing is the key. One must be very patient while cooking and with experience, everything comes together. The more one practices the better they get. Once the person is experienced burger-making would be an easy go.

The person who is making the burgers knows that they should turn out crispy and juicy, so they want the juices to not to dry off and the surface to be a bit harder for that the grill must be at a high temperature and the patty should be on the grill for a very small amount of time, that is only 3 to 5 minutes.

It’s not a hard and fast rule as it highly depends on the type of grill the person has, the quality of the meat they are using, the ambient temperature, etc. The best way to get the perfect results is to keep on trying by tweaking things a little, it wouldn’t take a lot of time but one could gain a lot of experience in food science.


Grill Burgers
TemperatureTime Taken To Grill
120 F5-6 minutes
160 F3-4 minutes

Why To Grill Burgers For This Long?

Grill Burgers

Depending on the aforementioned conditions ideally, a burger must be grilled for 3 to 5 minutes for the perfect char, color, taste, flavor, aroma, and texture. One could grill for more or less time depending on their personal preferences it’s not a standard condition and you need not be very precise. Just for reference purposes, the ideal time is the same.

In fact, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 10 or even 15 minutes to fully cook a burger through. It depends on three main factors: how hot the grill or pan is, how thick the patty is, and whether you want it to be rare, medium, medium, medium well, or well done. The thicker the burger, the longer it takes to cook.

It can even take extra time in case the grill or pan is not as hot. Lower temperatures additionally imply that the burger will take longer to get that crispy crust at the out of doors and maybe much more likely to dry out, as it takes so long to cook. For this reason, it is advised to cook at as excessive a temperature as you effectively can.

Not only does this lessen cooking times but also it is much more likely to bring about a juicier burger, with masses of flavor. And all one needs to do is turn it in when it is ready, and take it off the heat while it is done.


The FDA recommends cooking all floor pork to 160°F, though is not proposed to cook it much above that, or it becomes dry and is no longer very tasty. If one does not have a thermometer, the second-pleasant approach is to take the burger off the heat, placed it on a plate, and reduce it into it.

The pinker the center is, the rarer the burger is. We locate that, typically, if a person wants to undergo a variety of burgers earlier than getting a hold of it.


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  1. I am skeptical about the need for such precise grilling times. Burgers have been made for years without such specific guidelines, and they turned out just fine.

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