How Long To Plop Hair (And Why)?

How Long To Plop Hair (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10 To 30 Minutes

There are many beauty tips one can follow to make them look better. Some people are blessed with good looks naturally, while some just need little touches and alterations here and there. Some people focus on their face and body, some focus on their hairstyles and color. People take care of their hair with masks, conditioning, and in many other ways. One way to take care of the hair is by plopping them right after having a shower.

People have different types of hair, some have straight hair, while some have wavy and curly hair. Whatever the type of hair it might be, it is better to plop the hair so that they are frizz-free and soft when they are dried. Some people twist their hair after they have a shower, while some people just plop the hair so that it dries faster and stays good.

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How Long To Plop Hair?

Type of hairTime
Normal hair10 to 20 minutes
Wavy hair20 to 30 minutes
Curly hair5 to 15 minutes

Hair plopping is one of the most popular steps a person follows after washing their hair, before drying it. This technique is most commonly preferred by people who have long hair, but it is also loved by people with short hair.

Plopping is a technique, which will reduce the drying time, but doesn’t involve the usage of any heat tools, so it doesn’t damage the hair, and yet dries the hair faster. It will give the hair more definition, and people who want to have a frizz-free head all day long must certainly try this method out.

To plop the wet hair, one can use soft fabric, like a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt, a hydrophilic cloth, or anything that will absorb less amount of moisture from the hair, so it doesn’t become completely dry when all the moisture is absorbed from the hair. People with straight hair can use this method to create waves without even using any sort of heating tool but is a must for people with curly or wavy hair.

When curly hair is let to dry loose and left hanging, it becomes limp and doesn’t have much of a definition. Yet, when one uses the plopping method, the hair strands will get a well-defined curl.

Why Should One Plop Hair For That Long?

Some people plop their hair just after taking a bath, while others use some sort of styler that suits their hair better, and then plop the hair up. Some people plop their hair after taking a shower, while some plop their hair with oil or any sort of mask or conditioner in them, and some even leave the styling products and masks in their hair overnight. It all depends on the type of hair and if plopping suits them.

Normally, after taking a shower, one can plop their hair for about 15 to 45 minutes. The duration for which one should their hair depends on the texture of the hair. People with straight or normal hair should plop their hair up for about 10 to 20 minutes, and those who have curly hair can plop their hair for about 5 to 15 minutes, and for wavy hair, it is better to plop the hair for 20 to 30 minutes.

One can always plop their hair for a longer duration, but sometimes if the plopping is not done properly or if the wrong cloth or towel is used, it can suck out all the moisture out of the hair.


There are many benefits of plopping, it will cut down the drying time of the hair, and there will be no need to use any sort of hair tools to dry the hair. The hair will have less frizz, and will prevent the hair from having split ends, and will also give the hair more definition.

Since in plopping, the hair will be put up on the head, this will give the hair a lift and will stop the wet hair from weighing down, and coming out just straight out of the roots, which happens for people with very fine hair.


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