How Long To Recover After Psychosis (And Why)?

How Long To Recover After Psychosis (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to Six Months

Psychosis is a term used for a medical condition in which a patient cannot distinguish between what is existing in reality and what is not a reality. The patient loses the power to acknowledge the things in the surroundings, and it becomes a state of confusion for that person.

A person who has psychosis faces various issues such as delusions and hallucinations. Few other symptoms observed in a psychosis patient include incoherent speech and inappropriate or childish behavior. A person who has psychosis has low self-esteem and is not very confident. These patients need to be treated with utmost care and affection as they are very much sensitive.

How Long To Recover After Psychosis

How Long To Recover After Psychosis?

As it is evident with various psychiatric disorders, multiple causes can lead a person to psychosis. Some of the most common causes of the disease include mental illness, specifically bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Individuals who are deprived of sleep or face frequent sleeping issues are also troubled with this disease. In some cases, psychosis has also been caused due to various medications taken by the patient to treat any other disease. Individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs like cannabis are also more prone to get diagnosed with psychosis. The outcomes of psychosis can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Studies have shown that approximately three percent of the total population suffers from psychosis at some point in their lives. Psychosis is a horrible medical condition and can lead the patient to cause self-harm and, in some cases, suicide. Postpartum psychosis is a type of psychosis known to be caused after a short period of giving birth. Most of the psychosis patients fear facing society and lack self-confidence. They face several mental traumas which are arisen due to their own overthinking.

Type Of PsychosisTime Taken To Recover
Short term psychosisTwo to three weeks
Long term psychosisFive to six months

The time taken for a patient to recover from psychosis depends on its willpower. The short-term psychosis is cured in a period of two to three weeks. Long-term psychosis needs more medication and social support to be treated, and the patient takes five to six months to recover from it.

Why Does It Take That Long To Recover After Psychosis?

Karl Friedrich Canstatt first introduced psychosis in the year 1841. He was a German medical author and physician and studied various responses from the nervous system for a long time. Initially, he thought that this medical condition is the same as other nervous system issues, but soon he realized that the patient had lost self-awareness and social thinking. As he interacted with more and more patients, he identified a sense of self-harm and suicidal tendencies.

It takes that long to recover after psychosis because the patients are needed to be treated with excellent care and sensibility. Various social interactive sessions and motivation lessons are taught to the patient to help them gain mental stability. Antipsychotic medications are also given to the patient to treat the condition. Medical experts always advise keeping a happy and happening environment near the patient to help them attain mental stability. It is also imperative to give proper counseling to the patient to get the best results.

Psychosis Recover

Psychosis is such a medical condition that if not treated with immediate urgency, it can be fatal. Some of the patients also suffer from a coma because of psychosis. Studies have shown that most psychosis patients don’t want to live or consider life as a waste. Such thinking might be developed due to traumas faced in childhood or due to problems in the professional or personal life of the patient.


Overall, it can be concluded that psychosis is an awful medical condition, and it leads to medical instability in the patient. The patient loses self-confidence and is also unsure of their physical well-being. Common causes of psychosis are many, and it can be caused due to medications, drugs, alcohol, or traumas faced by the patient in life.

On average, it takes two to three weeks for a patient to recover from acute psychosis. However, long-term psychosis can take as long as six months to cure. It is also to be understood that not all psychosis patients can be treated as some lose the motive to live and also induce self-harm to their body. Suicide is also common in psychosis patients.


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