How Long After Two Pints Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 90 Minutes

You should know that whether you drink a glass of beer or some kind of a strong alcoholic beverage you should refrain from driving for at least an hour and a half. It can be dangerous if people are drunk and they start driving because it could end up in an accident.

Beer has got a low amount of alcohol present in them and even though you might not be affected after drinking beer you should not drive for at least two hours. People who are habituated to drinking beer more than two to three bottles a day will not feel the effect of one glass of beer and therefore they can drive easily.

How Long After Two Pints Can I Drive


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How Long After Two Pints Can I Drive?

Driving after drinking whiskeyDo not drive if you have consumed heavy alcoholic beverages like whiskey or any such kind of stuff.
Driving after two pints of beerYou should wait for at least 90 minutes before you start driving.

A pint of beer is about 568ml of beer and two pints will be about 1136ml. Well, that seems a lot of beer and this is why if you do not have the habit of consuming that much amount of beer then you might feel drunk.

If you have taken two large pints of whisky then you need to wait for at least three hours before you can drive. Whisky contains more alcohol than beer and this is why most people are unable to drive after having two pints of whisky.

However, there are a lot of things that need to be considered when it comes to alcohol metabolism. Most people would take about two hours for a single unit of alcohol to metabolize inside their bodies. Talking about beer then the legal limit would be only two pints and if you take extra two more pints then you need to wait for four hours to metabolize it.


To be on the safe side you can sleep off after drinking alcohol and then you can drive. On the other hand, if you have had tea pints of strong lager then it could take about hours to fully metabolize.

Why Does It Take That Long After Two Pints Can I Drive?

As mentioned earlier that there are several factors that depend on how long it will take after taking two pints to drive. Two pints can be anything like beer or whisky and depending on the alcoholic level of the beverage you can start driving.

You should be careful of your health when you move outside your house. If you feel discomfort then you should refrain from driving even after spending the night sleeping after two pints of alcohol. Here in India, there are strict rules for drinking and driving.

In some other states like the United States and United Kingdom people are allowed to drink and drive until and unless there is less than 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. Now, due to the rules and regulations of each country, you need to be careful and then think about drinking and then driving.


You could be fined heavily if you are caught by the policemen and the government is now making some new amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. There should be no harm in drinking at your own home because you do not have to need to move anywhere.

It would also be safe and be on the better side if you were someone who can take care of you when you are drunk heavily. There has to be someone like your friend or a family member who can take care of you when you are drunk heavily.


In the end, you need to be as safe as possible and make sure you reach home if you decide to drive after drinking in the bar. Make sure you drink but not heavily so that your body is able to metabolize the beverage that you have drank. 

Try not to indulge in these types of beverages too much because you might get addicted to them. It could lead to health-related issues and you might experience life-threatening danger because of it.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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      There’s no justification for driving under the influence. This article serves as a reminder of the risks involved.

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      The article provides factual and ethical considerations regarding alcohol consumption and driving. It’s a matter of public safety and awareness.

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