How Long After Durian Can I Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Two Hours

Durian is a name of an edible fruit that is very popular in countries like Thailand and Malaysia. This fruit comes in many varieties, and more than three hundred varieties are available in Thailand and around a hundred varieties in Malaysia. This fruit is large in size and has a powerful odor.

The fruit is big, and its length can be as long as twelve inches or thirty centimeters. The diameter of the fruit is nearly fifteen centimeters that are six inches. The weight of this fruit can fall anywhere between one to seven kilograms. The shape can be round, but it is mostly oval as the length is twice the diameter of this fruit.

How Long After Durian Can I Drink Alcohol

How Long After Durian Can I Drink Alcohol?

Durian has been in use since around 1580. The fruit has thorns on its body, and it should be held carefully. This fruit is a child of the parent species Durio which has more than thirty species. The plant of Durian is massive and grows as long as thirty meters. The leaves of the plant stay green throughout the year, and they are somewhere around twenty centimeters in length. This fruit is trendy in parts of Southeast Asia and nearby countries. The price of this fruit is low in countries where it is produced and is a bit costly in other countries.

Durian is mainly cultivated in tropical areas and where the conditions are favorable. This plant is not grown in places where the temperature drops below twenty degrees centigrade as these are not ideal conditions for Durian to grow. Thailand is the largest producer of Durian and produces nearly seventy thousand tonnes of Durian every year. From these seventy thousand, thirty thousand are exported to countries like China and Hong Kong. Thailand is also the biggest exporter of Durian in the world.

Type Of DrinkingTime After Durian To Drink Alcohol
Light drinkingTwo hours
Heavy drinkingThree to four hours

Drinking must be prohibited for two hours after the durian. If a person wants to drink heavily, then a time gap of three to four hours is a must.

Why Does It Take That Long After Durian To Drink Alcohol?

Durian is a very costly fruit and is not available at the same price as other fruits. The price of the fruit ranges somewhere between five to six dollars in the United States, which shows that this fruit is costly. Japanese markets are also filled with many Durian fruits as Japanese people love to eat Durian a lot. There are many dishes in which durian is used. The taste of durian can differ from one variety to another. Due to the varieties available, the price of Durian also differs from one place to another.

However, the taste of Durian is not liked by all people. Many people don’t like to eat Durian as they don’t like the smell of Durian. Anyways eating or not eating something is an individual choice. The fruit takes a few months to a year to grow. Once the husk of the fruit starts cracking, it is believed that the fruit has grown completely and should be cut from the plant. The fruit remains fresh for a few weeks. However, if it is left in the air for a long time, then it may degrade.

It is advised not to drink alcohol along with durian because it can lead to an abrupt increase in the carbohydrate content of the body, and a person can feel unwell. It also leads to bloating along with indigestion. Therefore, many experts recommend maintaining a gap of two hours between Durian and alcohol to properly digested in the body.


Overall, it can be concluded that Durian is a popular fruit and many people love to eat Durian. Thailand is the largest producer of Durian. It is also a trendy fruit in Malaysia, along with other countries of Southeast Asia. Thailand is also the largest exporter of Durian.

On average, drinking should be avoided for a minimum of two hours after Durian because of the effects on an individual’s health. If a person consumes both of them together and feels any medical discomfort, a medical expert should be consulted immediately. The cost and taste of Durian vary from variety to variety.


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