How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 to 5 Weeks

Kitchen Remodeling can be described as a process to make the kitchen beautiful and easier to work in. Working in the kitchen comes to be hectic and uncomfortable due to heat and various types of stains. It intends to make working in the kitchen a great experience by making it efficient.

Remodeling of the kitchen helps to wipe out any inconvenience while incorporating the best design and layout available at the cheapest possible cost. This may also be needed by an increase in the number of family members or simply, increase in the daily usage of the kitchen. Moreover, renovation of the kitchen also might be necessary to be at par with one’s status.

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How Long Does A Kitchen Remodel Last?

Type of Kitchen Remodeling Lasts For
Small remodeling1 to 2 weeks
Average remodeling3 to 4 weeks
Large remodeling6 to 8 weeks
Complex remodeling2 to 3 months

The time required for kitchen remodeling is subjective. It depends on what kind of kitchen a person desires to have and how much change it will require. There can be broadly four types of kitchen remodeling, namely, small kitchen remodeling, medium kitchen remodeling, large kitchen remodeling, and complex kitchen remodeling.

Small kitchens are those which can be described as congested and they occupy fewer floor spaces and remodeling them is easier. Since not much work of work has to be since unless the kitchen is being expanded, it will require less time. Remodeling of small kitchens can be done away within just 1 to 2 weeks.

Medium kitchens occupy a space that would be comfortable to work in but is not too large. They might need a great amount of time than remodeling small kitchens. The remodeling of these average-sized kitchens is completed within 3 to 5 Weeks.

Remodeling kitchens that are very large and require a huge amount of change can be complicated. They need approximately a month for renovation to make the expectations of the homeowner. On average, the remodeling of such kitchens can be finished off in 6 to 8 weeks.

However, if the kitchen has to undergo massive and complete changes, it may get complex. Thus, full kitchen remodeling will take much time to be completed and possibly go over 2 to 3 months.

Why Does A Kitchen Remodel Last So Long?

Kitchen remodeling is directly related to the changes that a person wishes to incorporate into their kitchen. These changes determine the time that would be consumed in the process of remodeling the kitchen. Moreover, if there are any special needs of the person like any expensive cooking appliances, that may call for further complicated remodeling.

Kitchen remodeling gets complicated as there are a whole bunch of things that have to be done. The kitchen needs proper water facilities, a good drainage system, a host of appliances, and a multitude of shelves besides electricity and four walls. This is in contrast to the other areas of heating which only need electricity and four walls.

While remodeling a kitchen, the central areas of change in a kitchen are its cabinets and countertops. These two parts of a kitchen are the most used and visible to guests. Thus, they need to be in the best of their shape.

The cabinets are the most striking part of any kitchen. The renovation of cabinets can be the most time-consuming and costly part of kitchen remodeling. The larger their area, the more time it will take in fixing and refurbish them.

Countertops are another significant area of kitchen renovation. They go through a great deal of stress like chopping, spillage of hot food, and having hot utensils over them.


The size of the kitchen has a direct say in the time taken in the remodeling of a person’s kitchen. While the smaller kitchens can be done away with within a few weeks, larger and complex kitchens can take months to be ready.

Kitchen remodeling is essential to enhance its capacity so that it is able to function smoothly even with increased footfall. A lot of work has to be done in the kitchen remodeling process ranging from wiring, plumping,, and woodwork.


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