How Long After Liposuction Can You Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4 Weeks

Liposuction is a surgery used to cut down on body fat. Other applications include contouring and reducing some skin deformities. One of the most common usages of liposuction is known to be weight loss. Though it is not more reliable than exercising and dieting, it is easier than the other forms of techniques used by obese people.

The procedure is simple yet a bit time-consuming. It is advised to discontinue exercising for some time after the surgery takes place. The surgery should be performed only by specialists under the supervision of plastic surgeons. 

How Long After Liposuction Can You

How Long After Liposuction Can You Exercise?

The duration can be distinguished on the basis of how much the patient has recovered after the completion of surgery. A month is the lower mark for discontinuing the exercise. It should be strictly followed so as to avoid any unpleasant consequences since fats are equally essential for the body.

Since there are a lot of fluctuations in levels and location of subcutaneous fat tissues, putting further strain on the body is not a good idea. In case the respective has not recovered completely, the discontinuation period is bound to be extended by two weeks.

This makes it mandatory for such people to wait for at least six weeks. Though it might sound a bit exaggerated, this discontinuation is highly important for increasing the success rate of the surgery. There is no difference on the basis of age in this case.

On the other hand, gender differences occur based on the lifestyle of the person. The most direct relation can be established using the past weight analysis method. If the person undergoing surgery was obese for a longer time before opting for liposuction, exercising would be a bit difficult early on.

This change can be attributed to the fact that the body has to go through a lot owing to an imbalance in certain internal mechanisms due to the sudden loss in weight. For those who get the surgery done too soon, the complications are lower in comparison to other cases. 

In summary:

Recovery typeTime
Partial 4 weeks
Complete6 weeks

Why Can You Exercise So Long After Liposuction?

Exercising is forbidden in order to prevent any internal issues as the body becomes more susceptible to health issues post-surgery. One of the main reasons for delaying the exercise routine is the direct relation between engaging in strenuous work and bodily fatigue.

Weakness levels are high up to a month. Since the person is on medication as well, the routine should be restricted to walking and simple stretches only. Brisk walking is also prohibited. All such activities lead to a delayed recovery. Liposuction burns lots of fats so body tissues are a bit too lethargic.

The innate inertia might even make it difficult to walk at times. In case the patient is obese beyond the normal limit, much more care needs to be taken. Generally, exercising in a gym should be resumed only after consulting the doctor. This will surely ensure that the patient is recovered enough to engage in normal activities in an easy fashion.

Other internal reasons for delaying exercise include the immune response of the body. The only medication prescribed in most cases includes multivitamins and other energy supplements. There is no other drug to prevent infections after liposuction.

Though there is no direct relation or increased susceptibility to ailments from external factors, it is better to wait for a while. The best option is to follow a proper diet for enhanced recovery so that exercising can be resumed within a month or two. Aftercare and strength go hand in hand.


The wait is essential in order to provide the body with adequate rest. Such a schedule will aid in timely recovery as well, in addition to the settlement of hormones that are related to the maintenance of body weight. Doctors recommend taking a second opinion regarding the success rate as liposuction does not suit all body forms.

The fat quotient is reduced to a considerable extent so weakness levels might shoot up for the succeeding days. Exercising vigorously is prohibited, and not normal movements. In critical conditions, all types of locomotion are restricted right from day one.


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