How Long After PDO Threads Can I Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week

PDO thread lift is a treatment used to lift sagging skin. It helps in tightening the skin to appear as young and repair the sin. Generally, this method uses the dissolvable suture, which is used in surgeries. The suture used is also a biologically degradable element. There are many PDO threads available in the market to treat sagging skin.

Polydioxanone(PDO) threads are very thin, thinner than our hair. The material present in PDO is protein. The treatment time takes between 45 minutes to one hour. This method enhances the growth of collagen in the skin. It also takes some time to dissolve the threads.

How Long After PDO Threads Can I

How Long After PDO Threads Can I Exercise 

After undergoing the treatment of Polydioxanone, the person needs to avoid certain activities to ensure the efficiency of the treatment. It requires a certain amount of time for the threads to get dissolved in the skin. The skin where we underwent treatment should be left untouched at least for 12 hours after the surgery.

The time taken to recover from the surgery would be two or three weeks. The PDO threads dissolve over time. Usually, it takes three to nine months for them to dissolve. The skin which can be treated using PDO threads is the area under the eyes, cheeks, neck, and jaws. There are certain things to avoid after the treatment like we should not exercise for a specific time.

The exercise we do should not be heavy, however. Generally, a person can resume moderate activities such as walking, playing table tennis, etc., after one week. If we want to continue heavy exercises like weight lifting, we need to wait until the recovery of the surgery. It is necessary to take the recommendations of the surgeon regarding heavy activities.

People who can heal quickly can start to exercise after they recover. However, it takes several months to feel normal in the skin. It is also recommended to avoid stretching your mouth too wide for at least some days after the surgery. The threads work efficiently for people with heavier skin. Hence The treatment is ideal for adults over 18 years.

PDO Threads
Exercise IntensityTime Taken to Resume Exercise After Surgery
Moderate (walking, table tennis, etc.)1 Week
Strenuous(Weight lifting, Hiking, etc. )until thread lift sites are healed

Why Does It Take That Long After PDO Threads To Exercise

When a person undergoes PDO threads treatment, he needs to take care of certain things like avoid taking alcohol and any vitamin or mineral supplements. It requires specific time to heal the process. These kinds of activity must be avoided. It is also necessary to stay away from exercising or any other physical work. As we can go for a light walk, we need to avoid vigorous physical exercise.

Physical exercise is not recommended because of several reasons. One of the reasons is, if a person does strenuous exercise, the heart starts to pump blood quickly, increasing the blood flow. Blood flow causes the affected area to swell. So, the swelling, in turn, increases the healing time. Hence it is required to take adequate rest from physical workouts.

The other reason to avoid physical activity after undergoing PDO threads was that the moves could cause facial tissue movement and lose the lifted effects. It would take one or two weeks to heal, and the physical activity may not affect the skin where we underwent PDO treatment. It is the period for the sutures to dissolve in the skin. Hence care must be taken by the patients.

PDO Threads

We need to take care to get rid of the unwanted compilations due to the PDO threads surgery. Avoiding alcohol and smoking is mandatory to heal quickly. Exposure to heat may also become a threat to the healing process of the PDO threads. Women must also additionally avoid makeup as it can cause the skin to suffocate.


PDO thread treatment is considered a revolutionary treatment for skin surgery. It is so because the threads used in the treatment are biodegradable and can be dissolved in the skin after healing the skin. As a result, it gives instant results for skin upliftment. In addition, the surgery takes only fifteen to thirty minutes to complete.

However, aftercare must be taken to avoid delay in the healing process or any other dangerous compilations. The surgeons use different types of PDO threads for the treatment of varying skin issues. The threads dissolve in six to nine months after undergoing surgery.


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