How Long After Lasik Can I Workout (And Why)?

How Long After Lasik Can I Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Days

Lasik is basically used to treat low eyesight. For people who go to the gym regularly, it might be a bit difficult to shift the schedule after the procedure. Doctors advise not to exercise for certain days so as to ensure that the low vision does not affect the workout routine.

Once the eyes are treated and the person is able to see again, the body takes a lot of time to adjust to the new and enhanced vision. Though Lasik is a quick process, the steps involved in the aftercare are equally important. 

How Long After Lasik Can I Workout

How Long After Lasik Can I Workout?

The normal wait for exercising after a Lasik treatment is forty-eight hours. Such a duration is advised in order to allow the body to adjust to the new eyesight. A lot of patients have been of a similar opinion. It is important to understand that eyes are quite essential for each and every activity.

Therefore, postponing high-intensity activities is a good option. Working out is highly important, but taking care of the delicate organs is also equally important. One must try to balance out between the intensity of the workout as well as the new development in the body.

The focus should be on aftercare instead of trying to follow the same routine. Other factors for postponing such a routine include the lower reliability of the vision. Though the eyes are on the path of betterment, it takes time for the retina to adjust. All the other valuable notions automatically adjust with time.

Therefore, three days are enough to get back to normal. If both eyes are treated together, the duration is extended. This is so because the blurry vision does not allow enough coordination while working out.

For people who get a single eye treated at once, it is easy to begin within two days. It is easy to work out once a week and then increase the intensity with time. Aftercare is highly essential.


In summary:

Surgery typeTime
Single eye2 days
Double eyes3 days

Why Can I Workout So Long After Workout?

The most prominent reason for postponing a workout spree after Lasik treatment is the gym environment. Light exposure might lead to even greater hazards. Since a lot of people visit the gym, allergens are also present. If trainers have to guide, they might also pass on infection since a lot of physical contact takes place.

The main factor is to ensure that the recently treated eyes stay safe. One must try to include nutritious food in the diet as well. Whichever eye is treated, it needs to stay covered for a long duration of time. Though some people might try resuming the exercise routine early on, doing so with a single operational eye is not a good idea.

It is equally important to avoid exercises that require a lot of bending and opposite movements. Putting a lot of strain on the eyes after the Lasik procedure might lead to headaches as well. In extreme cases, people get nauseous and even faint.

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A lot of experienced people recommend taking ample rest for at least a week. Once the recovery period is over, the workout routine can be continued as usual. It is not forbidden to work out after getting a Lasik treatment.

Even if a person is recovering at a faster pace, the minimum time period should be adhered to. It is better to consult the ophthalmologist before beginning.


Avoiding a workout for a day or two is a better idea after the Lasik procedure is over. In addition to this, one must also take care of the medication. Sight improves slowly and gradually. It is important to understand the nuances of working out since it is essential for the whole body to cooperate in all respects.

Dizziness can also occur if intense workout routines are followed immediately. Proper rest should also be taken as much as possible. After a week, all the facets fall back in place and the workout becomes an effortless experience.


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  1. Incredible, it’s great to hear that Lasik is a quick process, however, the recovery process seems to be quite a bit more involved.

  2. This is no laughing matter, for something so precious as sight, it’s important to take the necessary aftercare precautions.

    1. It’s almost like starting from scratch to learn how to see again, but a worthwhile endeavor.

  3. It’s remarkable how quick the Lasik procedure is and yet how long it takes for the eyes to recover. I’m surprised to learn that three days is enough for recovered eyes to get back into the swing of things, particularly in the case of a single eye.

  4. I think it’s important to remember that before replacing a natural part of the body with something that is manmade, the recovery and aftercare needs to be considered.

  5. It’s quite a funny thought that the eyes take longer than the rest of the body to adjust to perfection. But, it is the truth and a small price to pay!

    1. It’s almost comical how the eyes take longer to adjust to the new vision. Small price to pay for perfect vision.

  6. I’ve never stopped to think about the amount of time it takes for the eyes to adjust to perfect vision. This was an interesting read.

    1. I didn’t realize how much care and patience was required after Lasik, it is an interesting point that you made.

  7. This article has certainly brought to light the fact that the time one must wait to resume normal activity after Lasik is more than expected.

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