How Long After Snack to Workout (And Why)?

How Long After Snack to Workout (And Why)?

Exact Answer:30-45 minutes of eating snacks

Fitness is a part of the daily regime of most of the people out there. And it should definitely be, as who doesn’t want to be mentally and physically fit (owing to good health). And much of it can be achieved when you work out (exercise) daily.

Now talking about work-outs, you keep wondering as to how long after snack/eating should you exercise. And the time duration varies differently on the basis of the quantity of food taken. If you care about your fitness, it is a must to know how long after having snacks can you work out or exercise.

How Long After Snack to Workout

How Long After Snack to Workout?

It is pretty much a very common thing among fitness-conscious people to think of how long to should they wait to exercise after taking snacks. Talking in general, the person should wait for at least half an hour to an hour before working out if he has eaten any snacks.

This is an obvious thing as exercising a bit early or a bit late after having snacks can make you feel crampy and nauseous at the same time. Waiting for too long will drain most of the energy from your body. Hence finding out the right balance between eating and working out is a must.

The time duration is already known. It is also important to know that a considerate amount of food is required to provide the right amount of energy to your body to work out. So, you cannot completely avoid taking food before exercising as it would cause the digestive system to break down muscle tissues.

However, there are also certain side effects of eating right before work-out. Taking a big meal before exercising may cause digestive issues such as bloating, acidic refluxes, nausea, light cramps, and much more. It will also kill down the enthusiasm and you will end up feeling sluggish.

MealTime (to wait before you work out)
Snacks25-40 minutes
Light meal1-2 hours
Heavy mealAround 2-4 hours

Why Does It Take So Long to Workout After Eating Snacks?

You can work out once it had been 30-45 minutes of eating snacks. This is because it takes this much time for the snacks you have eaten, to move from the stomach to the small intestine. This in turn requires energy and an increased level of flow of blood to the stomach.

If you try to exercise right after eating snacks, you will be left with a nauseous feeling all day long. Also, if the amount of meal was moderate, you should wait for around 2 hours. Similarly, in the case of a heavy meal, waiting for 2-4 hours is a must. This will provide enough time for the body to digest the food before you start exercising.

Now it is already known that it is idle to wait for 30 minutes or more (to exercise), after having eaten a snack. You should also be aware of how food volume and type alter the rate of digestion. And the meal size plays a very important role.


Firstly, the larger the meal you eat, the longer the time it will take for digestion. This in turn will increase the duration of your waiting to work out. Secondly, if the meal, snacks have high fat/protein content, it will take longer than usual to digest.

Eating (or drinking) food rich in carbohydrates is definitely going to boost your performance rate. A glass of orange juice, toast, bananas, cereals are the right choice for pre-workout snacks. Also, add water to this list. Similarly, the post-work-out snacks can consist of quinoa, nuts, tofu, beans, and much more.


In a nutshell, you can exercise only after it has been 30-45 minutes since you have taken snacks. At the same time, it is important to eat something before you begin to work out. Proper nutrition will in turn fuel your energy.

You cannot cut off the food completely from your list before you work out. But the amount of food intake does affect your workout sessions as mentioned earlier. Hence it is important to know the exact timing to work out after taking snacks. And just in case you have taken banana, granola bar, cereals (which are a great source of carbohydrate) as your pre-workout snacks, that’s the best thing.



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    The post effectively conveyed the importance of proper nutrition as fuel for energy when working out. I’m looking forward to applying this knowledge to my fitness routine.

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